Jan. 21st, 2009

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  • 09:42 @raoin You'll stop thinking about it eventually. Just hold out a little longer. #
  • 13:38 Just subscribed to the blog on whitehouse.gov. #
  • 13:41 Hmm. Comments seem to be disabled. How am I supposed to get first post? #
  • 13:42 Or say, "Whom you called nonbelievers are just those of us who share your trust in the scientific method"... #
  • 13:46 WTF... "Field 'E-mail' is invalid"? Read the RFC, dude. You can have a + in that field. Jerks. #
  • 16:18 waiting in line. How ironic that my phone wanted to spell waiting 'xciting'. #
  • 17:29 Waiting at the counter for the clerk to return. furrfu! #
  • 23:16 Jodi asked, I'm answering: Dr. Jill Biden has a BA in English, an M. Ed, an MA in English, and a PhD in educational leadership. #
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Two graffiti, one stall: 'we see things not as they are, but as we are.' and 'f... you too you f...ing immigrant'. different threads though.
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Philosophers call this the problem of other minds:

Two Zen monks walking through a garden stroll onto a small bridge over a goldfish pond and stop to lean their elbows on the railing and look contemplatively down at the fish. One monk turns to the other and says, “I wish I were a fish; they are so happy and content.” The second monk scoffs: “How do you know fish are happy? You’re not a fish!” The reply of the first monk: “Ah, but how do you know what I know, since you are not me?”

-- Yoram Bauman, Quantum Microeconomics (p. 13)

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