Feb. 13th, 2009

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  • 13:24 @GinaMLS I didn't click. What is it, a link that posts itself to Twitter? #
  • 13:26 @GinaMLS Ah, so it is. Uh-oh. #
  • 13:30 @GinaMLS I've reported the Don't Click to @sans_isc -- I fear that the destination page might change to be a virus loader later on. #
  • 13:31 @GinaMLS So thank you for the link. (I didn't mention you, of course. You're not a Bad Guy.) #
  • 19:22 'Certified Ethical Hacker'? Didn't know it existed until I saw cert guides at the bookstore. #
  • 19:37 @yjon @y_jon #whoever you really would enjoy Coraline in Real-D 3D. What makes you reluctant to see it? #
  • 20:01 Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--I took the road less traveled by, and then I heard distant banjo music. #
  • 10:25 @cunningminx Clever. #
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Thomasville Tomme, a cow's-milk cheese produced in southern Georgia, is available on the dairy's site for $7.50 per half-pound.

The Food Network sells it too... for $16.99 per half pound.

Seriously, guys? More than 100% markup on something you almost certainly drop-ship anyway? Man, I'm in the wrong business...

It's tasty though—I've had some at local markets.

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