Mar. 26th, 2009

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  • 09:58 i've got google voice! if you leave a message at 404 287 2692 it should get transcribed and sent to me. give it a try! #
  • 01:17 Can anyone find an online copy of "Sally Forth" from May 11, 2005? There's always microfilm, but hey. Ces, I'm looking at you. :) #
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So let's see if I can summarize the plot:
  • It sucks to be 24601.
  • It sucks to be Fantine.
  • It sucks to be Fauchelevant.
  • It sucks to be Jean Valjean.
  • It sucks to be little Cosette.
  • It sucks to be grown Eponine.
  • It sucks to be French at all.
  • It sucks to be Gavroche.
  • It sucks some more to be Eponine, but not for long.
  • It really sucks to be Gavroche.
  • It sucks to be Marius.
  • It sucks to be Javert. (thanks, [ profile] cadrys , for reminding me!)
  • It sucks to see Jean Valjean die.
  • Maybe it won't suck so bad tomorrow.
So, is there anybody here it doesn't suck to be?

My first thought was the Thénardiers, but look at who they're married to.

As far as I can tell, the only person it doesn't suck to be is the Bishop of Digne.  And he's a minor character from the first few minutes.  (Except if you read the full version of the book, in which case he's a fascinating and well-documented character.)

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Lemon tea tastes better with white sugar than demerara. PROTIP: don't keep sugar and salt in twin jars. And don't put the salt jar under the demerara sugar jar!


Mar. 26th, 2009 10:59 pm
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Any hints from friends? So far I've learned:
  • Publix and Kroger stores around here will double coupons with a face value of 50¢ or less.
  • If you have a buy one, get one free (BOGO) deal, you can use coupons on each one -- at Publix, I think.
  • Some stores will accept competitors' coupons also.
  • Be creative.  If you have some hangtag $1-off-seafood coupons, and you can find 10-for-$10 shrimp skewers, ask the fishmonger politely to package them separately.  If s/he's willing, you've got some free shrimp.
  • Glossary for coupon forums:
    • peelie: coupon you can peel off the package
    • blinkie: coupon dispensed by a blinking gadget
    • Qs: coupons
    • stack: two deals or coupons stack if you're permitted to use both on the same item
  • You can get cellphone-based coupons from and other sites, and often they stack with physical coupons.

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