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I'm watching the pilot for "Glee", and I think it's going to be really good. The a cappella bits as part of the soundtrack are mostly cute, but then you get something like the series of scenes beginning at 32:52.

As the glee club director finishes his application for an accounting job, the guidance counselor who wants him says she's made an appointment for him in the career center. "Just come, Will. For me."

That's when the Moonlight Sonata begins. A cappella. Zoom in on his conflicted face.

A locker slams. The football player who just got shot with airsoft guns for lying to his teammates so he could go to a glee-club field trip is now getting crucified by the Tracy Flick of the chorus. She feels betrayed. So does his girlfriend, the cheerleader-cum-Celibacy League president, who transfixes him with her own stare for speaking to a chorus geek. Steady on his conflicted face.

The music builds.

A football player slams into a practice sleigh as his teammate drives home another point. "Look, if I joined the flag team, you'd beat the crap out of me." The singer agrees to give up glee club for good. His teammate welcomes him back by inviting him to overturn the portajohn in which the team has trapped a student in a wheelchair -- his fellow glee club member.

The music stops prematurely.

What follows is a pretty decent speech for a pilot episode, followed by a decision that you probably didn't predict. And the music swells... this time, classic rock by the original artist.

If you're not sure whether to get into the show, just watch that part: "Glee" pilot, 32:52-35:00
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