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...but THIS design might have come from my glass eye. I'm not quite sure.

Now, granted, I like the TBLC logo, and I like deconstructing it. But I'm not sure it's enough for an entire tie. Still, I'm sort of hoping TBLC decides they like it well enough to buy me one. :)

Zazzle is now selling neckties, among other new things, so those of you who like to make homemade gifts without the danger of getting macaroni glued to your fingers will be glad to know that it was pretty easy to do this. (I had to make two images, one with the TBLC logo and one with the wavy bits, and set the tie's background color to exactly the same hex value and the two images. Also, I had to remove lots of duplicates, since Zazzle expects you to want to tile your images.)

But, yeah... it was pretty easy, and I could fairly easily make more designs like this as a promo of some sort.
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Sadly, only the "unisex long-sleeve small" size is available.

And no, THIS one isn't from Threadless. (But, hey: they're running a $10 sale on their entire catalog, so now's a great time to buy that Particle Man shirt everybody wanted, if it's still available in your favorite size.)
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Pee Wee Lives!!

Too damn fabulous. I HAVE to have this one.
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This is the most They Might Be Giants shirt I've ever seen, including their own merch!

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I want both of these so badly....
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Clothing Liberation - cover (detail - afro and wild suit)

I think I've found a use for that dark brown corduroy jacket. There's a 1970s costume contest at a convention in three weeks. If I can piece together a hideous crazy-quilt of fabrics before next Friday, I could make a 1970s-style DIY necktie that would probably win it.

Photo credit: Clothing Liberation: Out of the Closets and into the Streets by Laura Torbet (Praeger Publishers, New York: 1973)

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Ben and Jodi at the Starlite Majesty

I ended up wearing the tuxedo jacket, black slacks, and a new white dress shirt and a solid purple tie that matched some of Jodi's skirt.

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I played dress-up tonight and took some pictures. Please look through my Playing Dress-Up set and tell me:

  1. Which is your favorite outfit?
  2. Which is your second-favorite outfit?
  3. If I could add to my wardrobe, spending no more than $50, what would you recommend I look for?


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Printed to the right of the chopsticks: Translation: I can't use chopsticks. Because of this, MY FACE BURNS WITH SHAME!!... can I please have a fork?
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I'm amazed it hasn't already sold out. Go get yours while your size is still available.
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When famous movie director Kevin Smith (Jersey Girl, Mallrats, and a few others) calls Star Wars IV-VI "the Holy Trilogy", he isn't kidding! If you were wondering "what would Jesus do to Darth Maul?", this T-shirt... well, the shirt doesn't do anything to cover up the fact that you have way too much time on your hands. But it does look spiffy.

Vis vobiscum: May the Force be with you.
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"Satan's Little Helper" by The Super Friends. Each of little Cerberus's heads is wearing a collar with a six on it.

Evil is SO CUTE...

and it's only $15!
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Oh HELL YES! Threadless reprinted a design I've been begging for -- AND there's a $10 sale through this weekend. All their shirts are $10 each.

Dark Side of the Garden

I want it SO BAD.

I also want these BAD, but not SO BAD. I still want them, though.

The Communist Party

A Room with a View


What do you guys think? Should I get 'em? I'll need a few more shirts when I'm down to XL size... and it's hard to resist $10 shirts with designs like these!
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I'm so glad I left early to get to the meeting this morning. I had time to get the oil changed, and I got a raincheck for a car wash. After the meeting I returned for the car wash, paid for an upgrade, and drove to the office in a nice clean car.

I stopped at Syms to get some new pants and a black leather belt for church, since I don't think I have very much in the way of churchy clothing in my current size. And since they had an assortment of CoolMax athletic socks for $3/pair, I grabbed a stack of them. There's nothing like good socks to make exercise more enjoyable, except perhaps watching other people at the gym bouncing and sweating.

There's still one load of laundry to do (and it will have to be carefully chosen from a pile of laundry that is at least four feet high), so that we can look and smell our best this weekend. But I'm really looking forward to the party, no matter how little time we actually get to spend there. And I'm also looking forward to seeing Dad and giving him a slightly early birthday present.

And of course I'll enjoy seeing Jodi's side of the family and being on my best behavior. (We have a carefully rehearsed list of things that I am not allowed to bring up in conversation. For example, the bishop will be in attendance at Devin's confirmation, and I am not allowed to ask him how many hours a day he spends handling his bishopric.)

Well, okay, so I won't enjoy being on my best behavior. But I'll do it anyway. :)

New shirts!

Mar. 7th, 2006 10:18 am
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With some eBay money, I've bought a few XL t-shirts as a reward for when I get to that size:

Cut for images and length... )

I've already got one XL polo that I look good in, so depending on the cut of these shirts, I may be wearing 'em pretty soon!
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I can't decide whether I'd rather have the t-shirt that says nerdy girls make me hot or the one that says Hermione, call me when you're legal...

Too bad I don't have enough free cash for buying yet more t-shirts...

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