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Sprint told me that my phone is unfixable, so I bought a used replacement (same model, so no need for new peripherals) on eBay. Until it arrives, though, I have no incoming phone service. If you want to reach me, you can leave a message on Jodi's phone, but there's no guarantee it'll reach me.
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We're selling almost all our videos in preparation for moving.  Please bid on the stuff you'd like to have.  If you're in Tampa, we can skip the shipping costs.
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My iPod nano sold for $138 (minus fees and USPS Priority Mail shipping, but I should net around $125).

I just listed my 30GB black iPod Video; these often get around $200, and I'm guessing I'll net around $175.

So that puts me about $30 away from the 80GB ($329.99 at Amazon, and free shipping).

I'm looking forward to that 20-hour battery life. And it's good to know that all my accessories are 100% compatible.
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I'm selling a 1GB black iPod on eBay; the auction ends Sunday. As an eBay seller, I try to help buyers understand what their costs will be -- so I'm offering free USPS Priority Mail shipping (to the US), with free insurance.

eBay sellers who pad their shipping costs ($15 for shipping?!) bug me.

With the money from that sale, and if I sell my current 30GB, I'd be within easy striking distance (less than $100) of a new 80GB, Generation 5.5, video iPod. That would be very, very nice. And not just because it's the latest and greatest; I've actually been running out of room on my 30GB, and have been deleting things I listen to less often.

So here's hoping the pay-what-you-bid, no-extra-charges model works out.
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Questionable Buyer #1

Hello, I would like to know if you sell all seven sticks of ram with buy it now? If so what would be your total price including shipping? Thanks for your time, Steve
That would be unfair to the people who have put in honest bids for the memory. Join them in bidding and if you win all seven sticks, I won't charge you any shipping at all. That offer is open to anyone.

Questionable Buyer #2

Hi, I'm based in Italy, please, can you ship via USPS as a gift with $20 of value?
(We're talking about ten 36GB U320 SCSI drives here. Not exactly a $20 gift.)
That would be dishonest and illegal. I am a man of honor, so I cannot help you lie to your country.
(sent privately)
what have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? ... In my country shipping as a gift with $20 value is not illegal.
You're so full of shit, you stink.
(or at least that's what I'd say if I weren't planning to ignore him)
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My employer was kind enough to ask me to take any parts I wanted from some servers that we're no longer using and don't want to keep around. If you'd like a VXA-1 tape drive, some PC2100 memory, or up to ten 36GB U320 SCSI drives, feel free to check out my eBay auctions. If you'll be at the party in Miami or want to meet me in Tampa, you can ignore the bit about shipping fees.
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I'm selling Seasons 1-5 of The Simpsons and the first book ever written by a computer (The Policeman's Beard Is Half-Constructed, Racter, 1984) on eBay.

Wish me luck and/or put in a bid! (I'm guessing that [ profile] papertygre and [ profile] bethlynn will want the AI-written book, or know someone who would.)
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Skype is still pretty nifty, but it worries me that it's been bought by eBay. They don't seem to care much about evilness in their PayPal division, so why would they care if Skype goes evil?

That brings me to Google Talk, which is embryotic compared to Skype, but is at least run by people who claim the unofficial motto "Don't be evil". I'm now using both, and rooting for Google Talk to develop into a solution for Internet-to-POTS telephony (like SkypeOut).

So if you want to add me, look for sylvar (you may have to add "@" and Gmail's .com domain name to that).

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