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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Got up at 6:30am for a brief workout (and actually did a brief workout).
  • Managed, finally, to get connected to the worst wi-fi network ever.
  • Spent the afternoon being the volunteer technical liaison to the hotel's IT department in an effort to resolve technical problems that had been plaguing the entire conference.  (See previous item.)
Three things that made me happy today:
  • Seeing that lots of people had taken me up on my recommendation of The Grit for dinner (hey, guys, they have a cookbook too...)
  • Spending the evening with Jodi
  • Learning that a friend's husband may soon be pain-free and living a happy life
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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Inflicted my little bit of interactive fiction on a playtester, the lovely [profile] tally_cat , and added a new verb at her suggestion.
  • Installed MediaWiki 1.6.9 on a RHEL 4 (and therefore PHP 4) server.
  • Almost totally rearranged the living room to provide a somewhat quieter sleeping space, more room for exercise, and more seating.
Three things that made me happy today:
  • Getting a workout with Yourself! Fitness for the Playstation (man, Maya's legs use a hell of a lot less Δv than mine do -- I'm not sure I could ever match her pace)
  • Unsolicited compliments from the aforementioned lovely [profile] tally_cat
  • Having a night to myself
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Yesterday I met my new supervisor. OK, that's a lie; I've known him for years. But yesterday I met him *as* my supervisor. And it was good.

Bird wading in a pondAfter work, and after a little bit of grocery shopping, I dropped off a prescription and came home. I hopped on my bike (though the tires were a little underinflated) and headed out to the bike store on the way to the pharmacy. And I decided to bring my camera gear, since I figured I would get some neat pictures. And I did -- this bird, for example. The guy at the bike store showed me how to use a French stem, and I inflated my tires. Man, that made a real difference -- it was much easier to ride out of there than it was to ride in.

This area has been restricted for a whileOn the way back from the pharmacy, I took a new road, one that's semi-closed to cars (53rd Avenue). And about halfway up the road, my rear tire burst. Dammit, that wasn't part of the plan. So I called [ profile] tregoweth for a ride, locked up my bike near this sign being swallowed by a tree, and hiked up to Fletcher. On my way up, I got a call from Jodi, who was ready (much earlier than usual) to be picked up on campus. I explained the situation and fairly soon picked her up with [ profile] tregoweth's help. We all headed to my place, where I fed them brownies. [ profile] segnbora came over too, and we had a merry old time until I finally kicked them out around midnight. It was a good night.

Except for the bit about being woken up at 2:20am because Jodi thought Amanda was taking too long to get home from work, and getting scorn heaped on me because I expressed confidence that she would be just fine. That sucked.

But other than that, a good night.
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Just in case...

The rain never actually appeared, so I rode south to the USF library (the campus is designed to resist convenient vehicular travel, but it's not too bad on a bike).

When I got there, I recognized a bit of music in Starbucks that had been sampled for either Kanye West's "Gold Digger" or a remix thereof. It turned out to be Ray Charles' I Got a Woman.

And now it's time to take out the soggy teabags, add honey, and pour over ice. After ten miles of riding, I think it's time to relax and watch the boob tube.
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I went to the post office on my bike for a bit of exercise. Not a bad trip... almost eight miles. I rode windward out and leeward back, which is generally the easier way to do it.

No weekend is truly a lazy weekend which involves housework, spreadsheets (to prove the power of grade forgiveness -- amazing, really), and a 7+ mile bike ride, but I'm enjoying it pretty well. Honestly, if it didn't look like rain, I'd be riding to campus to drop off a few library books.

Poor [ profile] jitterbug5bi5! She should be raking in the tips over the weekend, but she's got laryngitis and a stuffy head, so nobody's sure if she should be working. Fortunately she'll be seeing a doctor soon.

[ profile] tacit has either a visitor or a sympatico neighbor; there are two cars with poly marriage bumper stickers on his block. Nice to know that nobody throws bricks through windshields around here for being honest about it. I'm thinking that there should be a somewhat less specific refutation that says (man) + (woman) = RESTROOMS.
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Yesterday morning I woke up at seven so I could go out onto Flatwoods Loop, a paved trail for bicyclists, skaters, and pedestrians. There are some geocaches hidden in the area, so I clipped my GPS onto the handlebars. And I often see interesting wildlife, so I brought my camera gear.

I think it was worth it. I rode and walked about 15 miles, and I got hungry about halfway through. I guess next time I need to make room for some Tofurky Jurky or something like that.

No photos yet -- I shot 16 and there are 8 left on the roll. Some closeups of wildflowers, some pictures of birds whose silhouettes I'd never seen before, some broad shots across a saw palmetto prairie. Oh, and I found a few geocaches, though there are still many more for me to find on future trips.

It's Easter. We're mostly going to ignore it, though we may torture some Peeps by immersing them in chocolate fondue. (I'd recreate the Geonosis battle with Peeps, only I don't know any web hosts that could survive the slashdotting a stupid idea like that would bring.)
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I'm in the middle of a photo biathlon. I'm riding my bike around the USF area, but carrying some serious camera equipment, including a 200mm telephoto lens. (That means, fully extended, my gear is bigger than a breadbox.)

I'll develop my film somewhere that offers a digital option, so those of you subscribed to [ profile] sylvarphotos will see 'em as soon as anyone can.

This is fun.

p.s. Happy 21st Birthday [ profile] chrispytoto! Call us when your hangover subsides!


Mar. 30th, 2006 08:03 pm
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I went for a little walk this evening while listening to [ profile] polyweekly. Well, it was a long episode, and by the time Minx had finished reading "Payback's a Bitch" by [ profile] xanpet2000, I'd already walked nearly two miles. I turned around and headed home, and then heard Minx read my letter on the air, which definitely gave me a second wind. (EDIT: It's episode #51, about 37 minutes (in a row) from the beginning.)

Now I'm showered and squeaky clean (hmm, where's that can of WD-40?) and looking forward to a fun night of... well, of housecleaning, no doubt, but I'll try to enjoy it anyway.

And now for some lyrics from a song that made my drive home a little more enjoyable.

'Insanity' by Boingo (formerly Oingo Boingo) )
It's a good song. If you can't find it anywhere, and don't mind a really big e-mail attachment, let me know.
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I had trouble in the locker room -- I couldn't stick it into the hole because the shaft was too big. Nu, I bought a smaller padlock.

On a less silly note, I realized that some folks shower in a bathing suit and others shower nude. I chalked this up to modesty until fully-clothed people walked through the shower area, coming from a corner I hadn't noticed. Later, I went into the corner hallway and discovered a staircase leading from the pool area. Now it seems that swimmers are more likely to shower immediately and change at the locker, and other exercisers are likely to disrobe at the locker and shower nude.

Since I couldn't lock up my stuff in the locker room, I checked out a key to a locker on the gym floor. This required a lot more shuffling around and putting foxes in rowboats to solve the problem, but I was able to shower and change into clean clothes with a minimum (well, a local minimum) of hassle.

My third day at the university gym (Thursday, probably) should go more smoothly. I'll have a locker in the locker room, which should help a lot. And if I think ahead, I'll bring a 1L or 1.5L water bottle so I can stay on a machine for more than 15 minutes.
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I went to the USF gym tonight and got acquainted with the rules. No denim, only closed-toe shoes, use the towels (they provide 'em), and if you want a treadmill or arc trainer downstairs, you sign up for timeslots.

I spent 25 minutes on the arc trainer, which really gave my legs a workout. It's sort of like an elliptical trainer, only it's approximately the bottom half of the ellipse, back and forth.

Then I went to the locker room and had a shower. This was the first time I've ever actually showered nude in a public shower with no curtains. (The sole concession to modesty was a wall with a fairly narrow doorway separating the benches and hooks from the wet zone.)

Serious replies only, since I lack context to identify humor: was I within social norms? I can't judge by reactions since I didn't see anyone while I was nude. I'm going to get a lock for the temporary use of a locker for my gear, so in what order do most people stash, undress, and shower? Are people going to think I'm rude if I disrobe entirely at the locker, wrap a towel around my waist, leave it hanging on a hook, and shower nude, then reverse the process? I'm much more concerned with not offending people than with the idea that someone might look at my body and like it a lot or dislike it a lot.

I'm happy that for the first time in my life I feel comfortable enough in my skin to take off my clothes and not care very much if any strangers were looking. I don't think any guys at my high school actually used the showers during the normal phys ed period. ([ profile] mattyo3000, you went to the same school -- what do you remember? [ profile] cardinalximinez, you went to high school at the same time in the same county -- what do you remember?)

Hmm. Now I need some smaller workout shorts -- the ones I've been using are about to stop staying up with an iPod on the waistband. And I need a padlock, too...
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  • Anyone can join the USF alumni association for $40/year, even if they've never gone to USF. That plus a $10 ID card makes you eligible to join the USF Recreation Center (which has great equipment, canoe rentals, racquetball courts, an indoor pool, etc.) for $21.40 a month. What a bargain! (And as a family member of a current student, I pay slightly less for the gym membership.)

  • I can save $400/year by transfering my balance from a department store credit card to my credit union card. The department store refused to lower my interest rate even after I informed them of this fact. Bye-bye, you silly people...

  • Making bulleted lists is fun.

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USF's parking map says that there are metered parking spaces in the USF Recreation Center lot. See if you can spot them near a sign reading 'Beware of the Jaguar':

Parking Meters at the USF Recreation Center

Yes, in that whole huge parking lot there are exactly ten metered spaces. And they were all taken tonight.

Which doesn't matter much anyway, since once I managed to find a 15-minutes-only space, I found out I have to take off time from work to set up a family-of-a-student membership; that's handled through the Recreation Center office, which is never open after 5:30pm. Sheesh.

I suspect I'll end up springing for a campus parking permit. Or maybe I'll just go with Jodi and use the handicapped spaces, and pay $3.00 for parking permits on the evenings when she's in class.
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I've played more Monopoly this weekend than I ever thought I would. It's not really all that much fun, but Jodi likes it, so I play it. And besides, it's marginally more difficult to play than Uno and Skip-Bo. The Geevers are playing Taboo now (and arguing about whether "CD" is a valid answer for "compact disc"). This is the game-playingest family I've ever seen.

I've got a variety of presents in the car. One mom gave my disease a bunch of presents; the other mom gave me candy and oatmeal creme pies (and corn chips, which goes to prove that it was the standard stocking stuffer assortment). I'm not sure which is more depressing. I've been walking, though -- three or four miles a day, generally.

Sudoku is probably going to force my brain into the sort of zone it used to fall into, the sort of glassy-eyed concentration that Fischer operates in, the Csikszentmihalyian flow that used to accompany my math-competition days. Or it might not. I can see myself abandoning language to operate at the level of pictures. To my surprise, I've realized that I do think in pictures, at least more than I thought I did. I seem to have some things in common with Aspies, though whether that list includes the obvious would be a matter of speculation.

I thought this would be the year I finally got the menorah right, but it turns out that I was supposed to light the first candle after sundown on Christmas. Screw it. I'll try again next year.
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Written yesterday, posted today:

I woke up at 4am to boot up my brain before shutting down the servers back at the office some 1300 miles away. With a minor exception (the newest servers without VNC on them yet), it went smoothly.

A heat wave would raise the temperature to almost 60 before a tailgating cold front brings snow in a few days, but I walked six blocks to the train in 40-degree weather. I'm sure I looked like a wimp in my tan trenchcoat, but I wanted to stay warm if I could.

I reached the airport over three hours early, got oriented, and decided to get a bit of exercise. I walked to the farthest gate on Concourse A, then back across the central mall, and down to the farthest gate on Concourse G.

By the time I finished, I was quite ready to stow my heavy backpack in the lockers. $2/hr is worth it, and seeing my thumbprint displayed on the screen was kind of neat. That thumb, plus a six-character code on the receipt, will let me retrieve my bag.

Thus unencumbered, I repeated my little jaunt -- a mere mile and a half each time, the information desk told me -- and had the pleasure of helping a tourist be in the picture with his family. I also got to sample Leiniekugel's Red, a lager with an interestingly sharp clear taste and banana esters. I could be wrong about the esters, though, since I did eat an actual banana between walks.

While I waited and wandered, I got a call from the office saying that the air conditioner upgrade had gone well and quickly, the servers were all running again, and the server room was now a proper 69 degrees. If we can cough up $20-30k for a proper centralized backup, it'll finally be up to snuff. And if not, I guess I can hack together an AMANDA network.

I stopped halfway back to Concourse A for a pint of Leiniekugel's Honey Weiss (filtered, sadly) with lemon at TGI Friday's. Since it's about the only restaurant in the airport not owned by the same company as all the rest, a pint of decent brew is under $5. That wouldn't buy a Bud anywhere else in MSP.

Since the flight home was 48% full, I traded my exit-row seat for one of the many empty rows in the back. Flying is even more fun with satellite radio (although it's clearly prerecorded and synced on the ground like other in-flight audio). We took off as I was listening to "Wonkavator / End Titles" from _Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory_, soaring into "a world of pure imagination". (Yes, the end title is instrumental, but it quotes richly from "Pure Imagination".)

Later in the flight, I switched from the Cinemagic movie soundtracks channel to Bluegrass Junction. Bill Monroe played or would have recognized almost all of it, but Hayseed Dixie's cover of "Feel Like Makin' Love", mixed in with the more traditional tunes, delighted me.

During most of the flight, I reviewed and made thorough notes on the study guide from yesterday's class. HIP 4.x's architecture of abstractions is really a lot more useful than HIP 3.x's. I have a sinking feeling that there are global settings that should have been delegated to a smaller scope -- what if only some of our libraries want to allow borrowers to get e-mail when the library gets new items on a particular subject, by a favorite author, etc? -- but generally it seems useful.

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Nov. 1st, 2005 02:14 pm
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I weighed in this morning and found that I had indeed lost some weight despite three days without intentional exercise.

Starting weight: 336.   Current weight: 322.   Goal weight: 200.   14 lbs lost.

And that brings me to a landmark in my journey...

Don't leave me in suspenders, Willis! )

Now, to celebrate... does anyone know how to deep-fry Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?
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The icon I'm using is adapted from (via User Friendly).

I have no costume. Jodi was the Cat in the Hat, as you know, but isn't dressing up for school today.

We bought some candy last night, in anticipation of our usual lame turnout. I guess I'll bring the torch lamps near the door to simultaneously provide good lighting for photos and also make it harder for the little TOTs to see that our place is a mess.

Yeah, I'm depressed today. The Halloween party I look forward to all year was canceled because of the hurricane, I didn't get to work out all weekend, I forgot to weigh in (and I'm afraid of what it'd say anyway), I forgot to take Strattera this morning, and I haven't even felt like making a costume. I'll probably just write "BOO!" on an old T-shirt, put on some shorts, and wrap myself in my long trenchcoat so that I can be a flasher.

I've already had about half a honeydew for breakfast, plus two egg-salad sandwiches, a long rice krispies bar, and smoked almonds. If this is a protein deficiency like last time, the protein in the eggs and almonds haven't helped a damn bit. Honestly, it could be from the lack of exercise. The last time I worked out, I felt great mentally and physically -- totally sharp.

If you're paying attention, you'll have noticed that I'm still in here somewhere with my usual imagination and wit (the costume idea, the icon I made). But I'm under a real wet blanket of a mood that I wish I could get out from under. (Choke on those sentence-final prepositions, grammar prescriptivists.)
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Today's exercise: riding my bicycle to campus to take the recyclables to the bins without using gasoline. I only live about a mile from campus. No big deal, right?

2005: A Bike Odyssey )

Still, I'm proud of myself for doing this, and I'll bet not a bit of my three eggs, two string cheeses, and toast will be left on me by the time I get home. And the longer I stick with a reasonably challenging exercise plan, the easier this will get.
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It's hard to listen to the Katamari Damacy soundtrack without wanting to strap on my Polar band and start running as fast as I can, as long as I can. (But I doubt my officemates would want to be rolled up into a katamari.) This stuff is going to make awesome workout music tonight!
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We spent yesterday running around doing errands -- getting gifts for the two parties we would attend that evening (both at restaurants), mainly.

The Frontier Steakhouse Cattle Co. is slightly more vegetarian-friendly than you'd think. They do have baked potatoes, fried potatoes, salads, and (for the British or for those who are afraid of vegetables recognizable as such) a half-cup of overboiled former veggies ($3). The fried mushrooms, while not as good for your health, are at least not a calculated insult.

The company on this occasion was much better than the food. We were happy to see a gleeful [ profile] rancourt and [ profile] kiarrh celebrating their marriage, and were fortunate to meet (and, if I understand correctly, be inducted into) The Powers That Be. Our fellow PTB are [ profile] kaia0976, [ profile] argentee, [ profile] dbcooper, and [ profile] nancybunny (and a very nice George Lucas lookalike whose name I've already forgotten; shame on me Corwyn -- I wonder if he's walked the Pattern yet).

This morning we found a great backpack at Cold Gravy for under $5 and promptly filled it with shirts for [ profile] turtlebat23. We ended up getting over a dozen shirts (and the backpack) for about $80.

[ profile] turtlebat23 is at Ethics Bowl practice now, so I did some more errands (library, video store, paying a bill at the department store, dropping off bills at the post office) and came home for dinner -- a bag of spinach, sauteed without fat, topped with two hard eggs sliced and some sesame-soy dressing, and good cottage cheese with stale dill. (Must get some fresh dill v. soon!) Protein much?

Well, whatever works. I've lost more weight, which gives me the boost I needed to quit whining and get on the treadmill. (I skipped two days and I want to reinforce the habit.)

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