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With the help of, I managed to figure out what I took pictures of last week.  Click the names to see my other photos of these birds...

Northern mockingbird

American robin   
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I've posted 37 photos (in a row) from our visit to Duke Gardens. I hadn't uploaded them until tonight because conference photos ate up most of my capacity for October, but tonight I felt confident that I wouldn't have any reason to upload dozens of photos until November.

Click the photo to see the entire set.

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Ben and Jodi at the Starlite Majesty

I ended up wearing the tuxedo jacket, black slacks, and a new white dress shirt and a solid purple tie that matched some of Jodi's skirt.

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At the request of -- well, several women, actually -- I am now a shaved geek.

Makes a pretty good userpic, too.
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Jodi Geever, USF Graduate

See lots more photos in the complete Flickr set -- including hand-drawn announcements, if you're logged into Flickr as one of my friends or family.

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Seriously -- there's a lot more where that came from.
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Flickr is neat. It lets you add tags to each photo so that you can index your shots. At a party, for example, you might want to add the name of each person in an image. But that's a whole lot of typing.

I've got around 600 photos of our wedding and reception. There were around 200 guests, and I recognize about 150 of them in the photos. That's complicated.

Worse, if you want to use a full name as a tag, you have to put it in quotes.

The naive way to do it is to click "Add a tag" and then type:

"Ben Ostrowsky" "Matt Ostrowsky" "Peter Ostrowsky" "Ellen Fike" "David Fike"

Consider that some photos have 20 recognizable faces. Your fingers will be cramping!

Instead, use short nicknames at first:

me matt dad mom floyd

Then, when you've tagged everyone with nicknames, use Flickr's tag management options to change all instances of dad to Peter Ostrowsky.

Just make sure you identify people fairly consistently. If there are two people named Chris, you'll have to choose nicknames, use last names, etc. Capitalization doesn't matter, but spelling does (of course). So Rian and his son-in-law Ryan have their own tags, but if you use me for yourself, you mustn't use ME for Mary-Ellen.

And if there's someone in the photo whose name escapes you, just use whoami and come back to it later.
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Let Jo-Ann's put some POW in your Memorial Day plans

POW-MIA: You are not forgotten. Instead, you are used in order to sell Chinese-made American flags for people to hot-glue onto their picnic baskets.

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I've taken a few pretty good photos recently:

Seagrape blossom
Seagrape blossom
and wasp (?) pollinating it

2 more photo thumbnails )

I've also gotten a few contributions to the "buy Ben a better camera" fund. If you've got something to buy, it doesn't hurt to use my link to, and it helps me. Thanks to those who have gotten this katamari rolling!

I wonder if any of my photos are interesting enough to sell framed prints of, say in a coffeehouse...
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Lizard on a palm

R I G H T   N O W
[ profile] jitterbug5bi5
i s   s q u e e i n g .

As always, [ profile] sylvarphotos has all my recently posted photos -- but it can be a bit slow at times. is also a good choice.
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Some small versions of photos from this morning... )

Or you can see all today's photos that I've uploaded. (I got ten that I'd call keepers. Not bad in a roll of 24!)


Apr. 12th, 2006 12:28 pm
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Sandhill crane

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Tempus fugit

Taken at the Largo Public Library.
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Woot! I got a photo published again, this time in Physics World next to a review of a book about pendulums.

Foucault's Pendulum"Getting into the swing", Physics World, April 2006, p. 40

They can do this because I license my photos under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which says "Do as you will, just give me credit." The whole point of the Creative Commons is to provide a body of work that can be freely built upon to enrich our culture. I'm just doing my part.
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I think I like taking photographs of graves. There's interesting graphic design, a variety of textures, light and shadow, and the subjects tend not to blink. And there certainly are some beautiful images to capture.

They're small images, but some of you are on dialup, so... )

I went looking for someone else's grave to fill a request, but didn't find it. Not yet. I'll return, and while I'm nearby I'll check out the Showman's Rest Cemetery. There's another photo request waiting for me there.

Know what else I like about going to a cemetery? Returning. One of these days I'll have to skip that part of it, but until that day (far off, I pray), I'll keep visiting with a camera.
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Life In Retail

Captured at Walgreens on the way to the office. If I ever complain about TPS reports, show me this photo.

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Homemade pizzas

Made with Alton Brown's Pizza Pizzas recipe. Other than dough, you're also looking at olive oil, sesame seeds, ricotta cheese, feta cheese, basil, black olives, asparagus, and artichoke hearts in various combinations.

For some strange reason, Jodi now likes Alton Brown...
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Seriously. Check out this photo (especially at 1024x768) and you'll see what I mean. She has some other great shots, too.

N.B.: While I usually blog only my own photos, this is the awesome work of [ profile] tally_cat. If you want to subscribe to a feed of her photos, friend [ profile] tallycatphotos. And if you want to subscribe to mine, friend [ profile] sylvarphotos.

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