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Thanks to [ profile] loucheroo (via [ profile] knobody) for inspiring me!

  • 100 grams ground coffee (I set my mill for 18 cups)
  • 2-quart pitcher
  • Water
  • Milk and sugar to taste
Put ground coffee in pitcher. Fill with water.  Refrigerate for 4-12 hours.  Pour through a filter (drip filter is 100% fine; cheesecloth will also work).  Add milk and sugar to taste.  Jodi prefers about 1/3 cup white sugar in this much coffee, plus enough milk to make up the lost volume of the soaked grounds (maybe 2 cups).

Makes 2 quarts.

From the kitchen of Jon Vallee.

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What I bought:
1 lb organic cottage cheese
2 six-ounce servings of organic yogurt
A decent-sized wedge of pecorino pepato cheese for grating
A package of soy hot dogs
A pint of blueberries
An Ida Red apple
Paid $10.81.  The first three items on the list were 50% off.  Yum!
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Three things that made me happy today:
  • Finding a queen memory-foam mattress that feels great and is in very good condition, on clearance.  (A floor sample, made less than a year ago.)
  • Having dinner and soft drinks, and sharing dessert, for about $10 before tip -- at a sit-down restaurant.  Without a coupon.  (We tipped $4, though; the server still worked pretty hard keeping our glasses full.  Cracker Barrel's "kids of all ages" menu is great.)
  • Discovering that there's a way to hook up my GPS to Google Earth, even without an omnipresent net connection (2GB database cache, as long as you prepopulate it in the areas you'll be driving)
Three things I accomplished today:
  • Spent most of the day getting some new overall structure (<div>s instead of tables, for example) onto the SunCat 2.0 development server.  It's not pretty yet, but I haven't run into any problems yet that I couldn't solve.
  • Went shopping for a mattress.
  • Went to sleep at a reasonable hour.  (Here's hoping.)
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I've figured out that there are only three stamps I need to keep on hand for PaperBackSwap, really:

$0.75 + $0.84 = $1.59, which is anything under 1 pound.

For additional pounds, I can add $0.48, which is accurate for pretty much any book I'd be sending.  (After a while, the prices increase less steeply.)

I guess I could do some sort of Internet-stamp thingy, but that costs more, if only in labels for the printer...


Feb. 2nd, 2007 12:03 pm
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Damn, it took a long time to run my errands.  I went to the post office and dropped off two prescriptions at Costco.  By the time I got back to the office with the pills, it had taken me an hour and 45 minutes!

I thought it wouldn't take long at all for the prescriptions because they were for 100 pills each, and last time I filled those at Costco, they just took a bottle of each down from the shelf.  As it turns out, Costco is now offering 100-pills-for-$10 prescriptions on lots of generics, so now they stock bottles of 500-1,000 pills.  Which means they had to count out 200 pills.  D'oh...   Still, $20 for more than three months' worth of two different medications?  That's impressive.

And I guess the main reason it took so long at the post office was that I was mailing out about 25 books to PaperBackSwap members; it's good to get these books out of the house, better to know they're going to appreciative readers, and best to be able to get credits so that when we do move, we'll be able to furnish our new home with books at no further cost to us.   (The way PBS works: we pay media-mail shipping, about $2 per book, and we get credit for every item received from us.  When we spend the credit, we pay nothing at all; we just get a book in exchange for a book.  There will eventually be a $10-20 annual charge to participate, but not for a while yet.)
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Book Seven will be released on July 21, 2007.

Amazon has the standard version for $18.89 (46% off) and the deluxe collectors' edition for $39.00 (40% off).  Go buy it now and they'll have it delivered to you on the day it's released!

(And if you think the price will drop, don't worry -- Refund Please will track your purchase and alert you so you can request the lower price.)
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From [ profile] heathrow (here:
Go to Lane Bryant. Look for any of the bras that have the Buy 2, Get 2. They have sizes 36C-48DDD. You have to buy 4 bras, same style and same color. When you add them to the cart, it still shows the normal price. But when you're checking out, add the promotional code 00301435. You'll proceed to review your order, and you will see MASSIVE savings. You can pick more styles, but you just have to order 4 of the same color to get the savings.

And (this is [ profile] sylvar speaking) we just ordered 8 bras for about $32 including shipping; this is real. They're moving pretty quickly, though, so get 'em NOW. On, go to "Cacique intimates" and choose "bras", then choose your size to see what's POSSIBLY available. Note that only some are "buy 2, get 2", and you can't be sure you've snagged them until you actually see them in your shopping bag; you may well see "it's been deleted because we just ran out". Have patience.
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If you want to get in on the Farecast beta, let me know. I've got 25 invites. Right now you can only shop for tickets from Boston and Seattle, but they're working on it. Tampa is already on their drop-down list, it's just not active yet...
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$18.99 for 18 PowerBar Pria Carb Select bars -- and buy one, get one free with the coupon available at the Membership desk. So that's around 50 cents per PowerBar.

Just do yourself a favor and get the coupon first. You can always get a price adjustment, but you'll wait in one line to get a coupon and another line to get the adjustment. Be smart and save yourself the trouble.

(And call your local store to make sure they're running this deal, too. The Brandon store certainly is.)
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  • Anyone can join the USF alumni association for $40/year, even if they've never gone to USF. That plus a $10 ID card makes you eligible to join the USF Recreation Center (which has great equipment, canoe rentals, racquetball courts, an indoor pool, etc.) for $21.40 a month. What a bargain! (And as a family member of a current student, I pay slightly less for the gym membership.)

  • I can save $400/year by transfering my balance from a department store credit card to my credit union card. The department store refused to lower my interest rate even after I informed them of this fact. Bye-bye, you silly people...

  • Making bulleted lists is fun.

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Hooray! I've finally earned a KitchenAid stand mixer! With the discount code HOHOHOHO and free Super Saver shipping, I can get an excellent one for $146. I'm getting around $40 in fun money for a crossword puzzle I just created, I've got about $80 in fun money from turking, and I've already received $50 in cash as a Christmas gift. That's enough to put this in motion any time I choose.

(We've agreed that of the money I earn at turking and crosswording, half of it is "fun money" for me, and half of it will retire some debt. So I've also earned about $120 for that purpose.)

So what do y'all think -- should I get one in white or onyx black?

[ profile] turtlebat23, you are tagged, please respond! :)

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