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I've been having a rough night. I'm guessing it was food poisoning from dinner, given the timing. (I ate around 11am and then again around 6pm.)

Geek that I am, though, I'm pleased to see the beginnings of a good site at, and am hoping for RSS feeds of the latest inspections.

EDIT: I went back to bed at 6am after a very relaxing bath and managed to sleep until 9:30am. I'm feeling better now -- more hungry than queasy, though I'm taking it slow.

EDIT again: 11am and I'm only queasy when I'm trying to move anywhere or stand up. Feeling a bit disoriented, but must make my 1:30pm appointment for this month's meds. I might try to make a homemade sports drink for lytes.
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Okay, maybe I'm a bit more fannish than most, and maybe most people see ENT and think otolarygnologist, or at least "ear, nose and throat doc".

But this week, that's what ENT means to me. I went to a local ENT to see if they could do something about my snoring.

I wasn't happy that I was in a waiting room for almost an hour, and I was downright pissed off that the television was tuned (with a note admonishing patients not to change the channel or volume) to a Christian cable station that was gushing about the miracle of personal purity, featuring some crazy dude who decided as a teenager to promise God that he wouldn't even kiss anyone until he kissed his bride. Fortunately, he found a woman who valued sexual ignorance as highly as he did before their respective gonads exploded. But I'm still disturbed that a medical specialty office would insist on broadcasting a bunch of anti-knowledge, anti-science crap to their captive patients.

Fortunately, the doctor did not advise me to pray. He gave me a prescription for, and a sample of, fluticasone. I'm to squirt it up my nose nightly, and they're also forwarding my contact information to a sleep lab so that I can get checked out for sleep apnea. In a few days, the sleep lab should call me to set up an appointment (possibly two appointments, depending on how the insurance company prefers to proceed) for an overnight study.

Since my snoring wakes Jodi, who then wakes me, I'm in favor of pretty much anything that works. I'm hoping I can finally sleep as well as I do when one of us is out of town.
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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Had a healthy breakfast (Kashi and light soymilk)
  • Found a better solution to a potential loss of data
  • Threw out the old bed in preparation for receiving the new one tomorrow (the mattress is on the floor)

Three things that made me happy today:
  • Floatpoint (rich, poignant, and easy-to-play interactive fiction; WELL worth installing the small program that runs it.  First time I've ever misted up while playing a game.)
  • Being asked for permission to be quoted in an Information Today NewsBreak article (forthcoming) about the issue I mentioned here (I said "sure, though I'm not speaking for my employer, so 'systems librarian and blogger Ben Ostrowsky' would be most accurate")
  • Informing the executive director that my blog would be quoted -- and getting quiet applause, a thumbs-up, and "I think you put it very well."
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Man, this stuff swooped down like a Vorlon cruiser out of a jumpgate. Cough, sore throat, the sneaking suspicion I'm contagious...

I called out sick to avoid giving the crud to my officemates. But Jodi had plans for the apartment (and doesn't want the crud either), so I'm going to mostly stay away from home AND from work. Sorry about that, guy who's gonna be sitting in front of me at the movies.


Jul. 8th, 2006 05:35 pm
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I couldn't refill my prescription using the automated system because it was "too early" to do so. Since I have a 5-day supply left, I called the pharmacy to check what was going on.

"Oh yeah," the guy said, "that's because it's already been refilled. Come by anytime and pick it up."

The woman at the drive-through, who wore a beautiful Creamsicle-plaid headscarf, said the refill was requested July 2nd. That was the day we were coming back from Sylacauga, and I don't remember calling it in. It's just a mystery...


Mar. 30th, 2006 08:03 pm
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I went for a little walk this evening while listening to [ profile] polyweekly. Well, it was a long episode, and by the time Minx had finished reading "Payback's a Bitch" by [ profile] xanpet2000, I'd already walked nearly two miles. I turned around and headed home, and then heard Minx read my letter on the air, which definitely gave me a second wind. (EDIT: It's episode #51, about 37 minutes (in a row) from the beginning.)

Now I'm showered and squeaky clean (hmm, where's that can of WD-40?) and looking forward to a fun night of... well, of housecleaning, no doubt, but I'll try to enjoy it anyway.

And now for some lyrics from a song that made my drive home a little more enjoyable.

'Insanity' by Boingo (formerly Oingo Boingo) )
It's a good song. If you can't find it anywhere, and don't mind a really big e-mail attachment, let me know.
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I've been using Pria CarbSelect bars recently -- they're tasty, high in protein, and I found a great deal on them at Costco. Now BzzAgent is going to be sending me some Atkins Advantage bars so I can try 'em out. I wonder if I'll be addicted to Pria by that time.

I have a hard time believing that something called "Chocolate Decadence" or "Creamy Cinnamon Bun" can be good for you, but I'm willing to give it a try. I expect to have extras, so if anyone else wants to try one, let me know.
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I had trouble in the locker room -- I couldn't stick it into the hole because the shaft was too big. Nu, I bought a smaller padlock.

On a less silly note, I realized that some folks shower in a bathing suit and others shower nude. I chalked this up to modesty until fully-clothed people walked through the shower area, coming from a corner I hadn't noticed. Later, I went into the corner hallway and discovered a staircase leading from the pool area. Now it seems that swimmers are more likely to shower immediately and change at the locker, and other exercisers are likely to disrobe at the locker and shower nude.

Since I couldn't lock up my stuff in the locker room, I checked out a key to a locker on the gym floor. This required a lot more shuffling around and putting foxes in rowboats to solve the problem, but I was able to shower and change into clean clothes with a minimum (well, a local minimum) of hassle.

My third day at the university gym (Thursday, probably) should go more smoothly. I'll have a locker in the locker room, which should help a lot. And if I think ahead, I'll bring a 1L or 1.5L water bottle so I can stay on a machine for more than 15 minutes.
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I went to the USF gym tonight and got acquainted with the rules. No denim, only closed-toe shoes, use the towels (they provide 'em), and if you want a treadmill or arc trainer downstairs, you sign up for timeslots.

I spent 25 minutes on the arc trainer, which really gave my legs a workout. It's sort of like an elliptical trainer, only it's approximately the bottom half of the ellipse, back and forth.

Then I went to the locker room and had a shower. This was the first time I've ever actually showered nude in a public shower with no curtains. (The sole concession to modesty was a wall with a fairly narrow doorway separating the benches and hooks from the wet zone.)

Serious replies only, since I lack context to identify humor: was I within social norms? I can't judge by reactions since I didn't see anyone while I was nude. I'm going to get a lock for the temporary use of a locker for my gear, so in what order do most people stash, undress, and shower? Are people going to think I'm rude if I disrobe entirely at the locker, wrap a towel around my waist, leave it hanging on a hook, and shower nude, then reverse the process? I'm much more concerned with not offending people than with the idea that someone might look at my body and like it a lot or dislike it a lot.

I'm happy that for the first time in my life I feel comfortable enough in my skin to take off my clothes and not care very much if any strangers were looking. I don't think any guys at my high school actually used the showers during the normal phys ed period. ([ profile] mattyo3000, you went to the same school -- what do you remember? [ profile] cardinalximinez, you went to high school at the same time in the same county -- what do you remember?)

Hmm. Now I need some smaller workout shorts -- the ones I've been using are about to stop staying up with an iPod on the waistband. And I need a padlock, too...
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USF's parking map says that there are metered parking spaces in the USF Recreation Center lot. See if you can spot them near a sign reading 'Beware of the Jaguar':

Parking Meters at the USF Recreation Center

Yes, in that whole huge parking lot there are exactly ten metered spaces. And they were all taken tonight.

Which doesn't matter much anyway, since once I managed to find a 15-minutes-only space, I found out I have to take off time from work to set up a family-of-a-student membership; that's handled through the Recreation Center office, which is never open after 5:30pm. Sheesh.

I suspect I'll end up springing for a campus parking permit. Or maybe I'll just go with Jodi and use the handicapped spaces, and pay $3.00 for parking permits on the evenings when she's in class.
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Not bad for a week when I was mostly too sick to work out. And that's the 25-pound mark.
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I'm back at the office. I've got a painful cough, but the fever is gone, I'm mentally sharp enough to work, and (which is most urgent) I'm out of sick leave. I've still got over 40 hours of personal (vacation) leave, so even if I can't always work late to compensate for medical appointments, I can still get the care I need.

The Exchange server's mail file grew to 16GB, causing it to be slow yesterday and dead last night. With a phone call to our consultant, we got it back up within an hour. I'm satisfied that this problem has been nailed, but I'm not going to be a happy geek until we install some sort of NAS for a convenient, fast, and thorough backup. And besides, weren't these "good morning, the mail server's down" days supposed to be over when we shut down the homebuilt PC and 'chose an enterprise-class solution', i.e. drank the Exchange Kool-Aid?

Ah well. At least I can still laugh. And you Unix geeks will laugh when you realize what I just typed in order to confirm that there's really a user called sis (Suncoast Information Specialists) on our web server. Or at least you'll laugh if you're as dirty-minded as I think you are. Béni soit qui mal y pense. (And can any French mavens tell me if béni would have been an acceptable participle in the 1300s?)
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Jeff Conaway as Kenickie Jeff Conaway as Zack Allen
Jeff Conaway as Kenickie

Jeff Conaway as Zack Allen

I just finished watching Dickie Roberts, Former Child Star. I don't know who recommended it to me, but it was pretty good. If you can't stand David Spade, just watch the credits -- they're hilarious.

In other news, I'm sick. Haven't been in the office all week. Fever of 102.7 F earlier tonight. I slept all day and I'll probably do the same tomorrow. This sucks.
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Click the thumbnail for more details, including what's what and where to find that lovely little dish.
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Thanks, [ profile] itwasstillhot, for the recommendation! I emailed them, they emailed me back, we set up an appointment for tomorrow afternoon (imagine that!) over the phone, they emailed me new-patient forms, and I'm about to fax them back. My insurance company already knows about the change, so I'll only pay $15.

How nice to have a doctor who knows about the Internets. And -- not that it matters in my case, but still -- a doctor whose paperwork includes "Significant Other" as a choice for household status.
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I've played more Monopoly this weekend than I ever thought I would. It's not really all that much fun, but Jodi likes it, so I play it. And besides, it's marginally more difficult to play than Uno and Skip-Bo. The Geevers are playing Taboo now (and arguing about whether "CD" is a valid answer for "compact disc"). This is the game-playingest family I've ever seen.

I've got a variety of presents in the car. One mom gave my disease a bunch of presents; the other mom gave me candy and oatmeal creme pies (and corn chips, which goes to prove that it was the standard stocking stuffer assortment). I'm not sure which is more depressing. I've been walking, though -- three or four miles a day, generally.

Sudoku is probably going to force my brain into the sort of zone it used to fall into, the sort of glassy-eyed concentration that Fischer operates in, the Csikszentmihalyian flow that used to accompany my math-competition days. Or it might not. I can see myself abandoning language to operate at the level of pictures. To my surprise, I've realized that I do think in pictures, at least more than I thought I did. I seem to have some things in common with Aspies, though whether that list includes the obvious would be a matter of speculation.

I thought this would be the year I finally got the menorah right, but it turns out that I was supposed to light the first candle after sundown on Christmas. Screw it. I'll try again next year.
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I got some compliments yesterday on losing some weight. I guess my customers noticed it before I did...

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The pharmacist said that I probably don't have anything that would care about antibiotics, so I've got some DayQuil and NyQuil, and I'm going to make sure I fall asleep right after dinner. WIth any luck I'll get enough rest to feel better before I have to go get my congested ears blown out on a plane.

Fortunately, I've only missed today's first session. It was one I really wanted to go to, though. I'll have to see if it's being repeated later.
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The icon I'm using is adapted from (via User Friendly).

I have no costume. Jodi was the Cat in the Hat, as you know, but isn't dressing up for school today.

We bought some candy last night, in anticipation of our usual lame turnout. I guess I'll bring the torch lamps near the door to simultaneously provide good lighting for photos and also make it harder for the little TOTs to see that our place is a mess.

Yeah, I'm depressed today. The Halloween party I look forward to all year was canceled because of the hurricane, I didn't get to work out all weekend, I forgot to weigh in (and I'm afraid of what it'd say anyway), I forgot to take Strattera this morning, and I haven't even felt like making a costume. I'll probably just write "BOO!" on an old T-shirt, put on some shorts, and wrap myself in my long trenchcoat so that I can be a flasher.

I've already had about half a honeydew for breakfast, plus two egg-salad sandwiches, a long rice krispies bar, and smoked almonds. If this is a protein deficiency like last time, the protein in the eggs and almonds haven't helped a damn bit. Honestly, it could be from the lack of exercise. The last time I worked out, I felt great mentally and physically -- totally sharp.

If you're paying attention, you'll have noticed that I'm still in here somewhere with my usual imagination and wit (the costume idea, the icon I made). But I'm under a real wet blanket of a mood that I wish I could get out from under. (Choke on those sentence-final prepositions, grammar prescriptivists.)

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