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The iPod cable in my car is difficult to find. It's in plain sight, but it's also easily confused with the black power cord for my travel fridge. And if I use a white cable, I'd confuse it with the power cord for my AC/USB transformer.

Surely, I thought, someone sells audio cables in purple, green, red, or other colors.

Not that I've found. The only exception, as far as I can tell, is the Acoustic Research AP-047N 6' Performance Series 3.5mm Mini Male to Male Adapter ($8.47), which just happens to be an attractive shade of blue:

Someone should start selling cables in various colors! 
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Devin stunned me with an amazing Christmas gift: Guitar Hero with the guitar controller. I was just telling Jodi that I wanted to play Guitar Hero while I was in Stuart, since I can't play it at home. That's when Devin sprung the gift on me. Man, I can hardly wait to play this at home. *fierce grin*

The iPod is back up to $349.99, though -- I'm kind of upset about that. When I sold the 30GB iPod, I accepted an gift certificate as payment because I figured I'd be getting the best deal at Amazon. Now that the sale's over, though, I'll just wait and see. Maybe it'll be a better idea to buy one at a retail store, if I see a better deal (no more than $327+tax), but I doubt I'll be able to beat Amazon's price anyway, what with the lack of sales tax.

Well, still, it's hard to complain. I'm so blessed. This morning I said "God, this is gonna be a stressful trip; be with me. No, fuck that, be with Jodi; she's under more stress than I am." And five minutes later, at Burger King, the woman at the drive-through offered Jodi a free coffee that someone had mistakenly poured five minutes ago; Jodi accepted gleefully and smiled for the first time of the day. And the woman said "Merry Christmas, have a God-blessed day!"

Thanks, big guy. I noticed your impeccable timing.
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My iPod nano sold for $138 (minus fees and USPS Priority Mail shipping, but I should net around $125).

I just listed my 30GB black iPod Video; these often get around $200, and I'm guessing I'll net around $175.

So that puts me about $30 away from the 80GB ($329.99 at Amazon, and free shipping).

I'm looking forward to that 20-hour battery life. And it's good to know that all my accessories are 100% compatible.
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I'm selling a 1GB black iPod on eBay; the auction ends Sunday. As an eBay seller, I try to help buyers understand what their costs will be -- so I'm offering free USPS Priority Mail shipping (to the US), with free insurance.

eBay sellers who pad their shipping costs ($15 for shipping?!) bug me.

With the money from that sale, and if I sell my current 30GB, I'd be within easy striking distance (less than $100) of a new 80GB, Generation 5.5, video iPod. That would be very, very nice. And not just because it's the latest and greatest; I've actually been running out of room on my 30GB, and have been deleting things I listen to less often.

So here's hoping the pay-what-you-bid, no-extra-charges model works out.
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I've got a 1GB black iPod nano, brand new, and I want to sell it. (I already have another iPod, so I don't need this one.)

Store price is $149 plus tax. I'll ship it to you for $149 total. Any takers before I start advertising on Craigslist and local LJ communities?
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Listening to the iPod

Diana Sachs shot this photo for a TBLC article on Overdrive digital audiobooks, which are Windows-only and encumbered with DRM.

The ironic part is that if I actually wanted to use my iPod to listen to an audiobook from Overdrive, I would have to download and install the Overdrive Media Console and Windows Media Player, load the audiobook into WiMP, burn it to a stack of audio CDs, and import the CDs into iTunes as a series of hour-long monoliths.

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Well, I've gone and joined a cult. My membership badge is black and has a 30GB hard drive, and it plays videos -- I like the Clerks 2 videoblog (vodcast?) and I'm still discovering others.

[ profile] turtlebat23 has forbidden me to mention her happy news, so let's just hope she blogs about it soon.

We've been cleaning the apartment bit by bit, and buying textbooks, and just generally defragging our lives.

So... favorite video podcasts, audio podcasts (retronym much?), and other stupid iPod tricks?

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