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[Bad username or unknown identity: ]I'm not tagging anyone -- do this if you like. I know there's certain people whose answers will be interesting.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me.  You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)".

[ I'm using songs the Beatles recorded, including covers. ]

The Beatles

Here, There, and Everywhere

I Am the Walrus

I'm So Tired

Across the Universe

Memphis, Tennessee

Drive My Car

Golden Slumbers

Don't Ever Change

Good Day Sunshine

I'm Only Sleeping

The Fool on the Hill

Think For Yourself

We Can Work It Out

Tomorrow Never Knows

Honey Pie

You Know What To Do

All Things Must Pass

Please Please Me

The Inner Light

Leave My Kitten Alone

It's Only Love
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I'm watching the pilot for "Glee", and I think it's going to be really good. The a cappella bits as part of the soundtrack are mostly cute, but then you get something like the series of scenes beginning at 32:52.

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What follows is a pretty decent speech for a pilot episode, followed by a decision that you probably didn't predict. And the music swells... this time, classic rock by the original artist.

If you're not sure whether to get into the show, just watch that part: "Glee" pilot, 32:52-35:00
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Seriously... I was in a really awful mood this morning, and this video put me in a great mood.

[ profile] momster1, you should encourage Floyd to get involved with a choir like this at the church.
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Jodi was getting tired of hearing the Jetsons doorbell every time I got a text message. So, since she delights in singing "Duh, Duh Dunnaluh (The FSU Fight Song)" to provoke me, I made a new ringtone in her honor.

You can download it here and send it to your phone free here. (After sending 3 songs, you have to register before sending any more, but it's still free.)

She'll get out of class at around 5:30 tonight. If you want, you can send me a text message to say hi to her.
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From the Tufts Beelzebubs' cover of the Beastie Boys' "So What'cha Want", on their 2001 album Next.
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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According to The Kraftwerk Influence: Samples, it "uses the main melody from Computer Love. Apparently they wrote a personal letter to Ralf and Florian to request permission and got it."

Kraftwerk's "Computer Love":

Coldplay's "Talk":

Most humble apologies for confusing Coldplay and the White Stripes, to fans of either.

And to think, it's only three years after Coldplay released the album with "Talk" on it...
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For those of you who miss Power 96:

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Why does Susie Bright call a blog category "The Miller's Daughter"? The only referent I can think of is this song:


The miller's daughter, riding to the fair
without a saddle, upon a scurvy mare,
cried, "Oh Mother, I'm quite undone,
I'm all o'ergrown with hair."

"Away you filly daughter,
'tis every she's concern;
and if you won't believe me,
look here and you may learn."

Then taking her aside,
she made the matter plain.
"Oh Mother, you're ten times worse,
why sure you rid [rode] upon the Mane."

I'd ask Susie Bright herself, but she's got enough to do at the moment, and as a non-subscriber, I feel I'm already getting more of her time than I have any right to expect.
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Memo to 98.5 FM: What kind of demented sadist follows "Walking on Sunshine" with "Tears in Heaven"? And what sick puppy hires her as a morning DJ?
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From the I-should-be-working-on-the-report-that's-due-today-but-can't-focus department:

Back when I was in college, I made a mixtape called "Songs of Love and Bitterness". Or maybe it was high school. I've revisited it and created a muxtape (an mp3 compilation on that you can listen to for free in your web browser.

Some of the songs will be familiar to most people. Others might be somewhat familiar, but are covered by another artist. And unless you've heard the original mixtape I made, you probably haven't heard of Bakers Pink's "The Noose, the Flesh, & the Devil". I hadn't heard of them when I bought their CD used in the 99-cent rack, and that was a long time ago. But I'm really glad that I did.

Like to hear it? Here it go.

Click here to open the muxtape in a new window, then click a song to start listening: Songs of Love and Bitterness (2008)

  1. Styx - Don't Let It End

    "Don't let it end this way": but as some scurrilous wag attributed to Seneca, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" (Semisonic - Closing Time). So begins this mix.

  2. Moxy Früvous - Fly

    "A song ... about the moment when you realize that someone that you really love, that you really care for, when you both realize that—you're just not right for each other." Poignant and bittersweet, but not bitter simpliciter.

  3. The Corrs - Everybody Hurts

    My original mixtape used R.E.M.'s original, but I like this cover even better.

  4. Bakers Pink - The Noose, the Flesh, & the Devil

    "And if I can't have you—I can't go on."

  5. Harry Connick, Jr. - Only 'Cause I Don't Have You

    "Later on, good wishes. Later on, good try." But for now, "if looks could kill, this mirror would do."

  6. Ivan Neville - Why Can't I Fall in Love?

    The emotional turning point: "It's time to fall in love."

  7. Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Creep

    A cover of Radiohead sung by a Belgian girls' choir. "But I'm a creep. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here." A reminder for those who might be overheard listening to this music: "Creep" drops the F-bomb.

  8. The Police - Message in a Bottle

    The original turning point of the mixtape. "Seems I'm not alone at being alone."

  9. Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands: Ice Dance

    Without words.

  10. The Cure - Hello I Love You

    Exuberant and wholehearted, a cover of The Doors from the Elektra Records cover compilation Rubaiyyat.

  11. The Decemberists - Human Behaviour

    Ideally, I'd use Björk's original, but it's so freaky (delightfully and justly freaky, in my opinion) that it would threaten to make the whole muxtape unlistenable.

  12. Jennifer Warnes - And So It Goes

    When this started playing on Coverville (#456, The Billy Joel Cover Story), Jodi skipped it because she didn't want to listen to a sad song. But, to my mind, it's one of the most hopeful romantic songs in the world. The narrator worries that a lover will leave, but acknowledges that the lover is free to choose. Most love songs treat uncertainty as torture, but the narrator of this song embraces uncertainty as part of faith and puts their heart on the line anyway: "So I would choose to be with you—that's if the choice were mine to make—but you can make decisions too, and you can have this heart to break."

Thank you very much.
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Back in 2004, there was a remix of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" that was posted on Boing Boing. The domain has since gone pink and the Internet Archive doesn't have a working copy. Does anyone still have that track on their hard drive?

Gadget lust

Jan. 8th, 2008 11:18 pm
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I just got my radio SHARK 2 from Amazon. Oh, it's pretty. It's everything a USB radio tuner should be. It even includes software for Windows and Mac that lets you rewind live shows (like TiVo) and schedule recordings. And it'll even encode them to mp3 and add them to iTunes for you!

I've already scheduled lots of recordings of shows that I ordinarily wouldn't hear because I'm never listening to the radio for an hour at a time, or wouldn't be awake:

Mondays 8pm-9pm: Indian Masala (91.1FM)
Tuesdays 12am-1am: 8bit88 (88.5FM)
Tuesdays 1am-2am: Algorhythm 88 (88.5FM)
Thursdays 6pm-7pm: Tech Talk (91.1FM)
Fridays 2pm-4pm: Pop Goes The World (88.5FM)
Saturdays 10am-11:30am: Music for the Pre-Pubescent (88.5FM)
Saturdays 6pm-8pm: A Prairie Home Companion (90.1FM)
Sundays 12am-1am: Hour of Slack (91.1FM)
Sundays 1am-2am: Bob's Slacktime Funhouse (91.1FM)
Sundays 2am-3am: Video Game Music (91.1FM)

Unlike TiVo, it doesn't have a program guide. But I was able to find a list of stations near me on Radio-Locator, and I put the call letters into Google to find the program guides. Just as well, though; I'm sure a program guide would have to cost money, and I'm thrilled to have the sleek black fin of the radio SHARK 2 sitting on my windowsill for under $45 with free shipping, no additional charges for subscription services.
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If You Know What I Mean
Lyrics by Ben Ostrowsky
Music is pretty much "Just To See You Smile" by Tim McGraw
Demo: 2MB mp3

So many people seem frustratingly ethereal
I want a hacker who'll be on my tiger team
I want to analyze some traffic, want to sniff some wireless packets
Want to nmap all your ports if you know what I mean

I want to locate all your saddle points and go off on a tangent
Want to prove a favorite theorem or two
Want to find the area under your curves and add myself as a constant
When I integrate the root of you, d'you?

Though other people failed to grok the grace of Quenya
It was a Sindarin-se my hands and quit the scene
No other moment rocked my socks quite like the blessed moment when ya
Said "Mellon", my friend, and entered, if you know what I mean

Well, let me count up all the reasons that you fill my heart with glee
For zero, hon, you chase away my blues
For one, babe, when you count, you hit a thousand twenty-three
And that's before you start to takin' off your socks and your shoes!

I'll always share the secret codes that let you win another heart
You'll always play for free on my machine
I'll let ya go up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start
[guitar plays] ...If you know what I mean

When I talk about the Jossverse vamps and scoobies
Them so-called normal people say that I'm obscene
But you just smile and that's worth more than diamonds or rubies
'Cause when I fly my geeky flag, you know what I mean

You ship Delenn/Ivanova, your bookshelves overflow
Your favorite commanders are Data, Wing and Keen
And though you don't agree with me about Ogg and FLAC and MP3
You shorten disagreements because you know what I mean
I love you 'cause you know what I mean.
I love you 'cause I know what you mean.
I love you 'cause you know what I mean.
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Tyson sings in this video as part of the La Crosse Hot Club.  It's called "Higher Ground sound check", but there's also a good chunk of "Bei mir bist du schoen" at the end.  What's not to like about that?  Nuthin'.
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Great news kept me up late last night; this morning I'm clay tempered with coffee, and a bit on the runny side at that.  I'm amazed at my body's ability to function on three hours of often-interrupted sleep.  Tonight I'm planning to make 40 Cloves and a Chicken with Perfect Fingerling Potatoes and Vlad's Very Garlicky Greens, so I hope I'm still up to snuff then.

On the way to work I listened to Steven Sproat's cover of "Alone Again (Naturally)", and, man, did that ever make me cry.
It seems to me that there are more hearts broken in the world
Than can be mended
Left unattended
What do we do
What do we do?
Emo on a ukelele--but it's good.  And I, too, feel strangely good.
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So here's a neat site: Finetune. You pick songs for a playlist and the whole world can listen to your taste in music, streaming for free.

Here's my first: Air Force Bake Sale.

Got any suggestions for songs to add? I accidentally added two copies of "Peace, Love and Understanding", and I'd like to at least replace the duplicate...
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Or, in other words, j'y suis et j'y reste. The three of us agreed to sign a 7-month lease. Guildenstern will soon be living in Gainesville with a friend of ours, and we're treating Pied's 'rodent ulcer' so that she's adoptable.

I've recently listened to You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1999 Broadway Revival Cast).  After listening to it, I looked through the booklet and said to myself, "Gee, Charlie Brown looks familiar..."  Sure enough, it was Anthony Rapp!  And who's that playing Sally?  Why, it's Kristin Chenoweth!  Good stuff.

Jodi and I were watching Gay, Straight or Taken? last night, and I was intrigued by the tagline, which said that it's a game we all play anyway.  That seems pretty accurate; people like to pigeonhole each other as soon as possible.  I certainly loved the look of horror on the contestant's face when the man she'd identified as straight-and-single said that she was a bit of a diva.  Oh shit, her expression seemed to say, straight men don't use the word 'diva'.  And sure enough, he won a tropical vacation with his boyfriend.

But the title of the show is wrong to begin with.  The choices presented are gay-and-taken, straight-and-single, and straight-and-taken.  And there's so much more outside that Venn diagram.  Oh well, too many fish in that barrel.

And if you don't recognize my new userpic, you need to watch the Windows 386 promo video.

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