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I haven't quite become an Atlantan yet and I'm already being quoted in the AJC.
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What began as a routine invasion of Iraq for some American soldiers almost ended in an embarrassing diplomatic incident, when the troops got lost at night and mistakenly marched into Somalia.  U.S. sources say the soldiers will leave immediately for Equatorial Guinea as soon as the Somalis are ready to resume control of a representative democracy, with similar stops planned in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, and Cameroon, since we happened to be in the neighborhood anyway.

(inspired by this story)

Where's Tully Bascombe when we need him? (The Mouse that Roared is second only to Duck Soup on my lists of best satire, best war movie, and best political movie -- above Dr. Strangelove on those lists.  Duck Soup is, moreover, my favorite movie of all time, so The Mouse that Roared never had a chance at #1.)
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Grex censorius universitatis Sanghaevensis, cum cognoscere vellet, ubinam gentium optimae studiorum universitates essent, circiter quingentas scholas superiores inter se comparavit.

Argumento aestimandi usus est indicibus publicationum academicarum. Victoriam huius certaminis reportavit Universitas Americanorum Harvardiana, cum Universitas Britannorum Cantabrigiensis ei proxima esset.

Inter universitates terrarum septentrionalium eminebat Institutum Carolinum Stockholmiense, quod sedem duodequinquagesimam sibi acquisivit.

Universitas autem Helsinkiensis loco septuagesimo quarto posita est.


Oh, and my alma mater is ranked 53rd in the world. Take that, Carnegie Mellon (#56)! Take that, Florida State University (#151-200, so low they didn't even deserve a specific rank)!

USF may not be tops (#201-300), but they're still doing better than Clemson, Tulane, and UCF (all #301-400)...

See the full rankings. Be patient, the server's in China.

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Because there just aren't enough headlines about salad-tossing: Large Salad Tossed in a Pool.

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