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TWO free Threadless t-shirts!

[ profile] sexandsoup is deeply #1 and awesome. She sent me a gift certificate for this shirt:

I combined it with my Street Team points and a previously sent coupon (because something was out of stock), and I ended up with TWO shirts at no cost to me. The other one is "Tasty Table", also perfect for a science-loving foodie:

In other good news, I'm actually going to get paid soon.
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I mean, come on, I'm a librarian. I *must* wear this shirt.

You book-lovers really ought to be wearing it too. And for maximum geek points, carry a date stamp. :)
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Gamer Logic
If I am in the game, you are going to lose.

I am in the game.

Therefore, you are going to lose.
(modus pwnens)

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I'm amazed it hasn't already sold out. Go get yours while your size is still available.
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When famous movie director Kevin Smith (Jersey Girl, Mallrats, and a few others) calls Star Wars IV-VI "the Holy Trilogy", he isn't kidding! If you were wondering "what would Jesus do to Darth Maul?", this T-shirt... well, the shirt doesn't do anything to cover up the fact that you have way too much time on your hands. But it does look spiffy.

Vis vobiscum: May the Force be with you.
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If I could get a really sharp graphic, I ought to make a T-shirt that says

Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season

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