Sep. 26th, 2008 07:46 pm
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To whoever just bought something on Threadless at 7:30pm Eastern—thanks! I just got a credit!
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TWO free Threadless t-shirts!

[ profile] sexandsoup is deeply #1 and awesome. She sent me a gift certificate for this shirt:

I combined it with my Street Team points and a previously sent coupon (because something was out of stock), and I ended up with TWO shirts at no cost to me. The other one is "Tasty Table", also perfect for a science-loving foodie:

In other good news, I'm actually going to get paid soon.
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I mean, come on, I'm a librarian. I *must* wear this shirt.

You book-lovers really ought to be wearing it too. And for maximum geek points, carry a date stamp. :)
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10 reasons I'm happy about the $10 Threadless "Spring Broke" sale (through mid-March):


I hope E.T. has a calling card...

Click for full detail, it's worth it.

"The Optical Illusion Kid". Nifty, eh?

They're printed on the shoulders.

The unicorn's face is priceless.

Sure looks like flowers, at first.

"I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"

"The Scr-Emo". Oh noes!

"Peace and Hate. Can You Tell the Difference?".

And, as always, if you buy through one of my links, you'll be an 11th reason I'm happy, because I'll be that much closer to getting a free shirt.
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Sadly, only the "unisex long-sleeve small" size is available.

And no, THIS one isn't from Threadless. (But, hey: they're running a $10 sale on their entire catalog, so now's a great time to buy that Particle Man shirt everybody wanted, if it's still available in your favorite size.)
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Pee Wee Lives!!

Too damn fabulous. I HAVE to have this one.
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This is the most They Might Be Giants shirt I've ever seen, including their own merch!

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I want both of these so badly....
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Printed to the right of the chopsticks: Translation: I can't use chopsticks. Because of this, MY FACE BURNS WITH SHAME!!... can I please have a fork?
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I love both of these, and I fully expect to see some trendy mall store ripping off the first idea within a few months. And if any of you guys buy some of these (still $10 each) with my links, you'll be helping me to get some shirts for free. Spiffy, eh?

Of course, I could always just go around naked, but I suspect I'd have to start a pay site to cover the bandwidth bills...
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Threadless is running a $10 sale at the moment -- this "Fossil Fuel" design and all their other shirts are only ten bucks. What are you waiting for?
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I love Threadless because they've got so many great designs. Sadly, they often sell out quickly (as [ profile] pappy74 found out last time). So if you dig either of these, get some while there are some to get!

Infinity MPG
For all you bicycle fans and lovers of clean air. These will annoy people who drive a Hummer.


Because the plural of spouse is spice. Or, in this case, ketchup and mustard. You'll wear this shirt with relish.
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I'm amazed it hasn't already sold out. Go get yours while your size is still available.
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When famous movie director Kevin Smith (Jersey Girl, Mallrats, and a few others) calls Star Wars IV-VI "the Holy Trilogy", he isn't kidding! If you were wondering "what would Jesus do to Darth Maul?", this T-shirt... well, the shirt doesn't do anything to cover up the fact that you have way too much time on your hands. But it does look spiffy.

Vis vobiscum: May the Force be with you.
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"Satan's Little Helper" by The Super Friends. Each of little Cerberus's heads is wearing a collar with a six on it.

Evil is SO CUTE...

and it's only $15!

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