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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Had a healthy breakfast (Kashi and light soymilk)
  • Found a better solution to a potential loss of data
  • Threw out the old bed in preparation for receiving the new one tomorrow (the mattress is on the floor)

Three things that made me happy today:
  • Floatpoint (rich, poignant, and easy-to-play interactive fiction; WELL worth installing the small program that runs it.  First time I've ever misted up while playing a game.)
  • Being asked for permission to be quoted in an Information Today NewsBreak article (forthcoming) about the issue I mentioned here (I said "sure, though I'm not speaking for my employer, so 'systems librarian and blogger Ben Ostrowsky' would be most accurate")
  • Informing the executive director that my blog would be quoted -- and getting quiet applause, a thumbs-up, and "I think you put it very well."
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Three things that made me happy today:
  • Finding a queen memory-foam mattress that feels great and is in very good condition, on clearance.  (A floor sample, made less than a year ago.)
  • Having dinner and soft drinks, and sharing dessert, for about $10 before tip -- at a sit-down restaurant.  Without a coupon.  (We tipped $4, though; the server still worked pretty hard keeping our glasses full.  Cracker Barrel's "kids of all ages" menu is great.)
  • Discovering that there's a way to hook up my GPS to Google Earth, even without an omnipresent net connection (2GB database cache, as long as you prepopulate it in the areas you'll be driving)
Three things I accomplished today:
  • Spent most of the day getting some new overall structure (<div>s instead of tables, for example) onto the SunCat 2.0 development server.  It's not pretty yet, but I haven't run into any problems yet that I couldn't solve.
  • Went shopping for a mattress.
  • Went to sleep at a reasonable hour.  (Here's hoping.)
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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Got up at 6:30am for a brief workout (and actually did a brief workout).
  • Managed, finally, to get connected to the worst wi-fi network ever.
  • Spent the afternoon being the volunteer technical liaison to the hotel's IT department in an effort to resolve technical problems that had been plaguing the entire conference.  (See previous item.)
Three things that made me happy today:
  • Seeing that lots of people had taken me up on my recommendation of The Grit for dinner (hey, guys, they have a cookbook too...)
  • Spending the evening with Jodi
  • Learning that a friend's husband may soon be pain-free and living a happy life
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Three things that I accomplished yesterday:
  • Alerted a friend that she was indeed invited to the party in Gainesville.
  • Met a lot of new people at the Tampa party.
  • Drove to Gainesville.
Three things that made me happy yesterday:
  • Seeing a lot of cool vagina merch on display at the Tampa party
  • Taking some fun photos at the Tampa party
  • Writing down a bunch of quotes at the Gainesville party
I apparently had a lot of fun in a friend's imagination yesterday too, but I'm not counting that because I didn't find out until today, and sadly it was merely imaginary (this time)...
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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Inflicted my little bit of interactive fiction on a playtester, the lovely [profile] tally_cat , and added a new verb at her suggestion.
  • Installed MediaWiki 1.6.9 on a RHEL 4 (and therefore PHP 4) server.
  • Almost totally rearranged the living room to provide a somewhat quieter sleeping space, more room for exercise, and more seating.
Three things that made me happy today:
  • Getting a workout with Yourself! Fitness for the Playstation (man, Maya's legs use a hell of a lot less Δv than mine do -- I'm not sure I could ever match her pace)
  • Unsolicited compliments from the aforementioned lovely [profile] tally_cat
  • Having a night to myself
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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Taught big boss how to use WordPress
  • Learned how to write interactive fiction with Inform 7 (it's a lot easier than you'd think)
  • Successfully navigated a dinner party hosted by someone I didn't know very well yet
Three things that made me happy today:
  • Vegetarian abenkwan (Ghanaian palm-nut soup)
  • Talking with a coworker about "How I Met Your Mother" (there are finally some good episodes again)
  • Jodi offered to watch a Star Trek movie with me soon, not because she likes Star Trek, just because she wants to watch things with me.  (Though if she's going to make that sacrifice, I think we should at least wait until Amanda's back at home so she can enjoy it too.
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Three things I accomplished today, my second day of medical leave:
  • After a successful saving throw vs. constitution at 6:30 in the freaking morning, I got my car into the garage and arranged a rental while they're working on it (squeaking brakes are a lot easier to ignore than a check-engine light and an engine that idles at 800rpm, no make that 2000, no make that 1000, no make that 500, no make that 1800...)
  • Took Jodi to a followup appointment (it went well; that's all you're getting unless she feels like telling you)
  • Helped Jodi send out some transcript requests (if you've enjoyed this game, you'll enjoy dealing with Hillsborough Community College; meanwhile, Indian River Community College charges absolutely nothing for transcripts and accepts a faxed request for multiple copies on the same piece of paper -- and can produce them the same day, for double the price)
Three things that made the day suck less, or maybe even be enjoyable at times:
  • The rental car I arranged was, for no extra charge, a convertible, and the weather was perfect for it most of the day.
  • I managed to find a drink at Got Tea? that fit within the change from $7 after I bought Jodi's drink.
  • If I can put away all the groceries and scoop the catbox in record time and have a second beer, I might actually get six and a half hours of sleep before I return to the office and start catching up on everything.
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Three things I accomplished today:
  • Picked up some basic groceries
  • Did a bit of laundry
  • Sorted the coupon book
Three things that made me happy today:
  • Sleeping until 9:30am
  • Getting Pied's pill into her without too much trouble
  • Hanging out with Jodi, Amanda, Suzanne, and Jon
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Three things that I accomplished today:
  • Used smokeping to help convince our vendor that there was a network problem.
  • Explained to a totally unrelated vendor that now was not a good time for his call; hung up.  Then, two minutes later, explained to the same guy that we were about to bring our entire network hard down for emergency maintenance and I needed to call all of my customers to notify them before it actually happened.  (He got the subtle hint that time.)
  • Drove to the airport post office to send last-minute applications (and a few bills, some of which were overdue).
Three things that made me happy today:
  • Hanging out with Jodi, Jon, and Suzanne after dinner.
  • Cheap-ish chocolate in an after-VD sale.
  • Getting a free day off for tomorrow (now why don't I have an emergency fun plan?
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Three things that made me happy today:
  • Seeing Jodi crack up as I read her bits of I Like You: Hospitality under the Influence by Amy Sedaris.  (And cracking up when she said "Oh, is that a comedy book?  I thought it was real.")
  • Getting complimented by the big boss (cc: to my boss and his boss) on handling a messy, frustrating problem at work.
  • Being able to log into our webmail server with no delays tonight, which makes me think the ISP might have finally solved the aforementioned problem.
Three things I did right today:
  • Avoided being rude to the totally unrelated vendor who called to ask me (repeatedly within one phone call) about the settings for a few machines, even though I explained to him (repeatedly ditto) that we were having a major network problem and none of the settings, even if I had them, which I didn't, would mean anything until I could get off the phone and solve the major network problem.  (Not that I ended up being able to do much more than call people and make sure they were still aware that, yes, we have a major network problem.)
  • Cleaned out the fridge, taking nasty stuff to the skip immediately.
  • Went out to get Jodi some junk food around 11pm, despite the fact I'd already taken off my shoes and socks and had just opened a beer.  (That is Valentine's Day for you.)
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Three things that made me happy today:
  • Resigning from both chess games with honor, and realizing that I enjoyed them enough that it didn't matter that I lost.  I'll probably return to those boards in a few days to analyze them.
  • Having an early VD with Jodi (dinner and a movie)
  • Specifically, watching Sweet Land (about which more later, probably in a day or two) and talking about it afterward.  For now, I'll just quote without context: "Hallo, hems."  And I want an icon of Brownie's "Have more pie" line.
Three things I accomplished today:
  • Configuring the assistant director's new Treo smartphone to connect to the Exchange server
  • Taking some pretty good photographs of one of the new employees, for our website
  • Finding a supplier for custom compounded medication for Pied, and then finding an even better supplier after she started drooling, Turner and Hooch-style, following the administration of 1mL suspension p.o. (apparently the fish flavoring is what did it; the better supplier makes their own fish flavoring from scratch)
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Three things that made me happy today:
  • Leftover Szechuan tofu for breakfast
  • Finding a bedroom set (at a price that won't kill us) that we both really like well enough to keep for the next 10 years or so
  • Planning where and how to get a small gift for Jodi tomorrow (since we're celebrating VD early)
Three things I accomplished today:
  • Taking photographs of the bar and buffet table, and sending an email inquiry to a furniture buyer that was recommended to us
  • Removing and throwing away the attached side tables from the bed, and vacuuming where they used to be
  • Going to sleep in a home that's somewhat cleaner than it was when I woke up
Hugs to my friend who started me on this "three things" idea.  Dear friend, you brought me joy today because your idea helped me look back fondly on the day.  I know you were feeling bad about yourself earlier today, and we all have our moments that we're not proud of.  Hang in there.  Have patience with yourself.  And more hugs.

Oh, and I got a couple of virtual gifts for Jodi. They'll be on her profile for 2 weeks. :)
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Three things that made me happy today:
  • Since my opponent didn't play 12. Kf1 Nc2, I stayed alive in this game.  I'd probably have resigned at that point.  I've also stayed alive against [profile] whispersessions.  I'm not claiming I'll even draw either game; I'm just happy to still be in both games.
  • Getting compliments on the enchilada lasagna  and guacamole dinner I made.  I didn't see dried chipotles at the store, and I plumb forgot to pick up a jalapeño, and I used celery instead of a cup of the onions, and somehow this was pretty much exactly right.
  • Getting ++ed for my jokes in #code4lib.

Three things I accomplished today:
  • Identified the source of a Java error in our vendor's product, despite the fact that I don't know enough Java to write hello world.
  • Cleaned the catbox
  • Got to bed before midnight
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Three things that made me happy today:
Three things I did right today:
  • Put photos of Pied onto Jodi's iPod
  • Got the car to the garage and back again (even though I'll have to do it again tomorrow, since the brakes still squeak sometimes, and the steering pulls to the right)
  • Cooked Yukon Gold potatoes marinated in 1/4 c lemon juice, 1/3 c olive oil, 2 Tbsp Penzeys Greek Seasoning, and 1 Tbsp rosemary
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Three things that made me happy yesterday:
  • Finding out that some of my PaperBackSwap books have arrived in their new homes
  • Reading a Callahan's Crosstime Saloon short story ("Dog Day Evening") to Jodi
  • Learning how to use Google SketchUp (work-in-progress below)
Three things I did right:
  • Got a virtual SunCat 2.0 server up and running, made a few CSS changes, and set up Programmer's Notepad with ProggyTiny
  • Cooked curried sweet potato roti and golden basmati rice for dinner
  • Set my alarm properly in order to take the car in for a brake job this morning
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Lots of people I know seem to be enjoying this, so I'll give it a try.

Three things that made me happy today:
  • Seeing BzzAgent's new site, which is wonderfully informative and well-designed
  • Teaching Jodi the basics of chess at Kaleisia
  • Overcoming her beginner's luck twice, both times somewhere around her KB2.
Three things I accomplished today:
  • Diced celery, onions, and sweet potatoes, and minced carrots in preparation for dinner tomorrow
  • Played chauffeur for Jodi and Amanda so they could see Because I Said So
  • Got three more books ready to send out to PaperBackSwappers

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