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Grex censorius universitatis Sanghaevensis, cum cognoscere vellet, ubinam gentium optimae studiorum universitates essent, circiter quingentas scholas superiores inter se comparavit.

Argumento aestimandi usus est indicibus publicationum academicarum. Victoriam huius certaminis reportavit Universitas Americanorum Harvardiana, cum Universitas Britannorum Cantabrigiensis ei proxima esset.

Inter universitates terrarum septentrionalium eminebat Institutum Carolinum Stockholmiense, quod sedem duodequinquagesimam sibi acquisivit.

Universitas autem Helsinkiensis loco septuagesimo quarto posita est.


Oh, and my alma mater is ranked 53rd in the world. Take that, Carnegie Mellon (#56)! Take that, Florida State University (#151-200, so low they didn't even deserve a specific rank)!

USF may not be tops (#201-300), but they're still doing better than Clemson, Tulane, and UCF (all #301-400)...

See the full rankings. Be patient, the server's in China.

Like my new userpic?
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I'm in the middle of a photo biathlon. I'm riding my bike around the USF area, but carrying some serious camera equipment, including a 200mm telephoto lens. (That means, fully extended, my gear is bigger than a breadbox.)

I'll develop my film somewhere that offers a digital option, so those of you subscribed to [ profile] sylvarphotos will see 'em as soon as anyone can.

This is fun.

p.s. Happy 21st Birthday [ profile] chrispytoto! Call us when your hangover subsides!
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I got to see Romeo and Juliet at USF yesterday with [ profile] turtlebat23 and [ profile] segnbora. I spent much of Act I praying for a wardrobe malfunction on Lady Capulet or Benvolio, or perhaps a Benvolio/Romeo "Would I wot how to quit thee" moment. [ profile] turtlebat23 would have traded either of those for some time with the Moorish Mercutio. [ profile] segnbora kept her drool to herself, so I don't know whom she fancied most.

And two of the pretties are in a local troupe that's performing a night of Christopher Durang one-acts including Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You. Sadly, they were busy with Shakespeare and couldn't be in this one.
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I had trouble in the locker room -- I couldn't stick it into the hole because the shaft was too big. Nu, I bought a smaller padlock.

On a less silly note, I realized that some folks shower in a bathing suit and others shower nude. I chalked this up to modesty until fully-clothed people walked through the shower area, coming from a corner I hadn't noticed. Later, I went into the corner hallway and discovered a staircase leading from the pool area. Now it seems that swimmers are more likely to shower immediately and change at the locker, and other exercisers are likely to disrobe at the locker and shower nude.

Since I couldn't lock up my stuff in the locker room, I checked out a key to a locker on the gym floor. This required a lot more shuffling around and putting foxes in rowboats to solve the problem, but I was able to shower and change into clean clothes with a minimum (well, a local minimum) of hassle.

My third day at the university gym (Thursday, probably) should go more smoothly. I'll have a locker in the locker room, which should help a lot. And if I think ahead, I'll bring a 1L or 1.5L water bottle so I can stay on a machine for more than 15 minutes.
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  • Anyone can join the USF alumni association for $40/year, even if they've never gone to USF. That plus a $10 ID card makes you eligible to join the USF Recreation Center (which has great equipment, canoe rentals, racquetball courts, an indoor pool, etc.) for $21.40 a month. What a bargain! (And as a family member of a current student, I pay slightly less for the gym membership.)

  • I can save $400/year by transfering my balance from a department store credit card to my credit union card. The department store refused to lower my interest rate even after I informed them of this fact. Bye-bye, you silly people...

  • Making bulleted lists is fun.

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USF's parking map says that there are metered parking spaces in the USF Recreation Center lot. See if you can spot them near a sign reading 'Beware of the Jaguar':

Parking Meters at the USF Recreation Center

Yes, in that whole huge parking lot there are exactly ten metered spaces. And they were all taken tonight.

Which doesn't matter much anyway, since once I managed to find a 15-minutes-only space, I found out I have to take off time from work to set up a family-of-a-student membership; that's handled through the Recreation Center office, which is never open after 5:30pm. Sheesh.

I suspect I'll end up springing for a campus parking permit. Or maybe I'll just go with Jodi and use the handicapped spaces, and pay $3.00 for parking permits on the evenings when she's in class.

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