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I'm so glad I left early to get to the meeting this morning. I had time to get the oil changed, and I got a raincheck for a car wash. After the meeting I returned for the car wash, paid for an upgrade, and drove to the office in a nice clean car.

I stopped at Syms to get some new pants and a black leather belt for church, since I don't think I have very much in the way of churchy clothing in my current size. And since they had an assortment of CoolMax athletic socks for $3/pair, I grabbed a stack of them. There's nothing like good socks to make exercise more enjoyable, except perhaps watching other people at the gym bouncing and sweating.

There's still one load of laundry to do (and it will have to be carefully chosen from a pile of laundry that is at least four feet high), so that we can look and smell our best this weekend. But I'm really looking forward to the party, no matter how little time we actually get to spend there. And I'm also looking forward to seeing Dad and giving him a slightly early birthday present.

And of course I'll enjoy seeing Jodi's side of the family and being on my best behavior. (We have a carefully rehearsed list of things that I am not allowed to bring up in conversation. For example, the bishop will be in attendance at Devin's confirmation, and I am not allowed to ask him how many hours a day he spends handling his bishopric.)

Well, okay, so I won't enjoy being on my best behavior. But I'll do it anyway. :)

New shirts!

Mar. 7th, 2006 10:18 am
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With some eBay money, I've bought a few XL t-shirts as a reward for when I get to that size:

Cut for images and length... )

I've already got one XL polo that I look good in, so depending on the cut of these shirts, I may be wearing 'em pretty soon!
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I went to the USF gym tonight and got acquainted with the rules. No denim, only closed-toe shoes, use the towels (they provide 'em), and if you want a treadmill or arc trainer downstairs, you sign up for timeslots.

I spent 25 minutes on the arc trainer, which really gave my legs a workout. It's sort of like an elliptical trainer, only it's approximately the bottom half of the ellipse, back and forth.

Then I went to the locker room and had a shower. This was the first time I've ever actually showered nude in a public shower with no curtains. (The sole concession to modesty was a wall with a fairly narrow doorway separating the benches and hooks from the wet zone.)

Serious replies only, since I lack context to identify humor: was I within social norms? I can't judge by reactions since I didn't see anyone while I was nude. I'm going to get a lock for the temporary use of a locker for my gear, so in what order do most people stash, undress, and shower? Are people going to think I'm rude if I disrobe entirely at the locker, wrap a towel around my waist, leave it hanging on a hook, and shower nude, then reverse the process? I'm much more concerned with not offending people than with the idea that someone might look at my body and like it a lot or dislike it a lot.

I'm happy that for the first time in my life I feel comfortable enough in my skin to take off my clothes and not care very much if any strangers were looking. I don't think any guys at my high school actually used the showers during the normal phys ed period. ([ profile] mattyo3000, you went to the same school -- what do you remember? [ profile] cardinalximinez, you went to high school at the same time in the same county -- what do you remember?)

Hmm. Now I need some smaller workout shorts -- the ones I've been using are about to stop staying up with an iPod on the waistband. And I need a padlock, too...
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Not bad for a week when I was mostly too sick to work out. And that's the 25-pound mark.
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Yesterday I was hanging out in a bookstore reading Diabetes for Dummies and made a few interesting discoveries. First, I'm still supposed to consume 40%-60% of my daily calories as carbohydrates; my pseudo-Atkins attempt to avoid carbohydrates wasn't doing me any good. Second, I was hypoglycemic at that very moment. Recognizing the symptoms as I read them, I wobbled over to the coffee shop, took a packet of sugar, and ate it. In a few minutes I was feeling normal again.

My mom got me back into daily walks, and it's paying off. I'm down about 5 pounds since before the holidays. What a braggart!

And no, I didn't buy the book. But I will soon.


Nov. 30th, 2005 01:24 pm
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The PostSecret book has been released.

Now if only it weren't so hard to wait until February for the trade paperback version...

...and no, I've never sent in a postcard. If I did, it would probably say "I believe in fat liberation but my butt looks great in my new 46-inch jeans... it's been ten years since I wore a size that small." But that's not a secret, is it?
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I got some compliments yesterday on losing some weight. I guess my customers noticed it before I did...


Nov. 1st, 2005 02:14 pm
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I weighed in this morning and found that I had indeed lost some weight despite three days without intentional exercise.

Starting weight: 336.   Current weight: 322.   Goal weight: 200.   14 lbs lost.

And that brings me to a landmark in my journey...

Don't leave me in suspenders, Willis! )

Now, to celebrate... does anyone know how to deep-fry Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?
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We spent yesterday running around doing errands -- getting gifts for the two parties we would attend that evening (both at restaurants), mainly.

The Frontier Steakhouse Cattle Co. is slightly more vegetarian-friendly than you'd think. They do have baked potatoes, fried potatoes, salads, and (for the British or for those who are afraid of vegetables recognizable as such) a half-cup of overboiled former veggies ($3). The fried mushrooms, while not as good for your health, are at least not a calculated insult.

The company on this occasion was much better than the food. We were happy to see a gleeful [ profile] rancourt and [ profile] kiarrh celebrating their marriage, and were fortunate to meet (and, if I understand correctly, be inducted into) The Powers That Be. Our fellow PTB are [ profile] kaia0976, [ profile] argentee, [ profile] dbcooper, and [ profile] nancybunny (and a very nice George Lucas lookalike whose name I've already forgotten; shame on me Corwyn -- I wonder if he's walked the Pattern yet).

This morning we found a great backpack at Cold Gravy for under $5 and promptly filled it with shirts for [ profile] turtlebat23. We ended up getting over a dozen shirts (and the backpack) for about $80.

[ profile] turtlebat23 is at Ethics Bowl practice now, so I did some more errands (library, video store, paying a bill at the department store, dropping off bills at the post office) and came home for dinner -- a bag of spinach, sauteed without fat, topped with two hard eggs sliced and some sesame-soy dressing, and good cottage cheese with stale dill. (Must get some fresh dill v. soon!) Protein much?

Well, whatever works. I've lost more weight, which gives me the boost I needed to quit whining and get on the treadmill. (I skipped two days and I want to reinforce the habit.)

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