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I think this might be my new favorite TV show. Starting with just a survival knife, we learn how to make fire, how to use that to make lye, and how to use that (with animal fat) to make soap. Other episodes show how to make a clay kiln, how to use that to get copper and tin from ore, and how to use that to make bronze. It never assumes the existence of too much technology -- just the one survival knife and whatever we've learned from previous episodes.

And, hey, the more people who watch HTRC, the better chance we've got of bootstrapping civilization following humanity's next great "whoops". It's a *practical* show.

Now will someone PLEASE do me a favor and start producing this show? I, for one, am waiting eagerly to watch it. All I've got at the moment is this idea, but I know there's got to be someone at the Discovery Channel who wants to buy a full season.
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Dragon*Con!  Labor Day weekend is close enough, and by all indications I'll be in Atlanta.  At any rate, I'll have a place to stay while at the con, and if I'm not fully moved in by then, I can arrange to haul up a load of our stuff (moving expenses are tax-deductible, including 18 cents per mile) with the right timing.
Claudia's going to be there. :)

Wish lists

Dec. 7th, 2006 01:46 pm
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Since people are bound to ask (and if they don't, I'll bind them a bit tighter):

Jodi has an Wish List that I set up for her.

I also have an My Wish List as well as a list of other ideas.

If you want to get an gift certificate for either of us, or for anyone at all, please use this link. Doesn't cost you anything, but I get a percentage anyway. Ain't commerce special?

And finally, if you'd like to buy a gift for someone who needs one more than I do, I'd suggest Shands Children's Hospital or any of the hospitals under the wing of Child's Play.
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and it's badly fascinating. I'm going to bed because I should although I don't want to. (But I wouldn't be able to get much further without A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan anyway.)
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Pee Wee Lives!!

Too damn fabulous. I HAVE to have this one.
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This is the most They Might Be Giants shirt I've ever seen, including their own merch!

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Oh HELL YES! Threadless reprinted a design I've been begging for -- AND there's a $10 sale through this weekend. All their shirts are $10 each.

Dark Side of the Garden

I want it SO BAD.

I also want these BAD, but not SO BAD. I still want them, though.

The Communist Party

A Room with a View


What do you guys think? Should I get 'em? I'll need a few more shirts when I'm down to XL size... and it's hard to resist $10 shirts with designs like these!

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