Apr. 27th, 2007

sylvar: (Clerks: Um... yay.)
As soon as possible, Jodi and I are going to Atlanta for a week to check out apartments there.  SunCat 2.0 still needs to be finished before I can do that, though.  So I've been coming home about 12 hours after I left, and I'm planning to do the same thing over the weekend.  Last night I got 4 hours of sleep, but that was because Jodi's been missing me. 

This is *much* less prurient than you'd think; we were up until 2:30am arguing over whether Georgia State was going to suddenly reject her after all, whether she could possibly vet apartments with the help of an Atlanta local while I continued to work on SunCat, whether I wanted to perform anatomically improbable (but subservient) acts on TBLC while secretly plotting to not go to Atlanta, and whether it was a good idea to continue arguing with me when I was already exhausted and unlikely to improve my mood merely by arguing.

This, of course, leads us both to welcome my long hours at the office.  But we're also going to try to spend some fun time together when I get home, watching Jeopardy! and other shows.

And this leads me to note publicly that I will be difficult to reach for the next couple of weeks.

Those of you who are students probably won't notice, because you're going to be busy yourselves.

Those of you who have young children are probably laughing bitterly at me and the students, urging us to enjoy the four hours of uninterrupted sleep, sheer luxury, when I was a lass we din't 'ave sleep, we 'ad to spend an hour clinically dead and go back down ' mineshaft.

In any case, I'll still try to read LJ while servers reboot and that sort of thing.  But I probably won't be making many phone calls to say hello.  

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