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I'm watching the pilot for "Glee", and I think it's going to be really good. The a cappella bits as part of the soundtrack are mostly cute, but then you get something like the series of scenes beginning at 32:52.

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What follows is a pretty decent speech for a pilot episode, followed by a decision that you probably didn't predict. And the music swells... this time, classic rock by the original artist.

If you're not sure whether to get into the show, just watch that part: "Glee" pilot, 32:52-35:00
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Did you know (before you googled it, you cheater!) which TV duo of the 1960s were McBricker and Slaghoople before they got married?

Comments may contain spoilers for this question.
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I've been avoiding's "Unbox Video Download" because the terms of use on a PC, last time I checked, were fairly heinous. But now they've got their service hooked up to TiVo, so you don't have to authorize to do anything to your PC -- you can just let them upload movies and TV episodes to your TiVo series 2 or 3.

They've got a fairly good selection on TiVo Unbox.  You select a movie, pay through their regular checkout process, and they send it to your TiVo.  In the case of movie rentals, you pay $3.99 and it stays on your TiVo until 24 hours after you first start watching it.  So if you rented Little Miss Sunshine today and then got called out of town for a few days, you'd still have it waiting when you got back.

Not bad -- and, of course, I get a kickback.  (There's your granum salis.)  I haven't tried it yet, but I'll report back with the results when I do.
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Or, in other words, j'y suis et j'y reste. The three of us agreed to sign a 7-month lease. Guildenstern will soon be living in Gainesville with a friend of ours, and we're treating Pied's 'rodent ulcer' so that she's adoptable.

I've recently listened to You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1999 Broadway Revival Cast).  After listening to it, I looked through the booklet and said to myself, "Gee, Charlie Brown looks familiar..."  Sure enough, it was Anthony Rapp!  And who's that playing Sally?  Why, it's Kristin Chenoweth!  Good stuff.

Jodi and I were watching Gay, Straight or Taken? last night, and I was intrigued by the tagline, which said that it's a game we all play anyway.  That seems pretty accurate; people like to pigeonhole each other as soon as possible.  I certainly loved the look of horror on the contestant's face when the man she'd identified as straight-and-single said that she was a bit of a diva.  Oh shit, her expression seemed to say, straight men don't use the word 'diva'.  And sure enough, he won a tropical vacation with his boyfriend.

But the title of the show is wrong to begin with.  The choices presented are gay-and-taken, straight-and-single, and straight-and-taken.  And there's so much more outside that Venn diagram.  Oh well, too many fish in that barrel.

And if you don't recognize my new userpic, you need to watch the Windows 386 promo video.
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Jodi's out with some friends tonight, and despite her recent suspicion about the GRE, she says she's okay at the moment.  I read her parts of the first three comments, and she seems cheered by some of them.

I'm going to bed soon so that I've got a halfway decent chance of getting enough sleep to do some coding tomorrow.  Yesterday I got about five hours of sleep and could never get into the flow.

I saw Harry Frankfurt on The Daily Show recently.  I imagine that my stepfather would be like that in a fast-paced interview, too; he, too, has the virtue of thinking before he speaks.  Talk-show interviews are no less formulaic than ballet or Noh, but so many guests have been so well-groomed that you don't notice until a normal person is a guest.  

Today I shuttled back and forth from the testing facility to make sure Jodi was well-supplied with whatever she needed (Mountain Dew, lunch from Chik-fil-A, an iced tall Americano one-shot-classic with room, and a bottle of water).  I walked across campus to drop off a Unite for Diabetes travel bug in a geocache and got some johnson-grass-like scratches for my trouble, along with some needed exercise.  I wished a few times I'd had my camera with me, but the cookbooks I was carrying (to transcribe selected recipes -- which I basically didn't get around to), and which I'll need to return and then check out again, were heavy enough.

Great exchange on yesterday's Jeopardy!:

ALEX TREBEK [to a contestant who works as an auditorium manager]: It says here that your stagecraft students have a special name for you.  What is it?

NATHAN CRANE: Uh, they nicknamed me "Jesus".  [pause]  I have long hair and carpentry skills.

[audience laughs; cut to Alex shielding his face with his hand while he laughs; audience continues laughing as each member of the audience, in turn, gets the joke]

ALEX TREBEK: [pause] ...let's go on.
Now it's time to fold a bit of laundry and go to bed...
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The banner on the SciFi Serenity special -- the one that made Joss Whedon look abashed and blush happily -- said 生 日 快 乐 (shēng rì kuài lè), "happy birthday".

I couldn't have done it without The trickiest bit was realizing that is the Simplified Chinese version of .
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Fairway Oaks Apartments, where we live, has a slightly different cable lineup than Standard Cable for Hillsborough County. I tried to get Bright House to fax me a modified lineup, but they said they don't fax lineups. They did confirm that Showtime, C-SPAN and TV Guide have gotten moved around.

I ended up making a lineup sheet and faxing it to TiVo myself. Frustrating.

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