Jan. 11th, 2007

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Jodi's out with some friends tonight, and despite her recent suspicion about the GRE, she says she's okay at the moment.  I read her parts of the first three comments, and she seems cheered by some of them.

I'm going to bed soon so that I've got a halfway decent chance of getting enough sleep to do some coding tomorrow.  Yesterday I got about five hours of sleep and could never get into the flow.

I saw Harry Frankfurt on The Daily Show recently.  I imagine that my stepfather would be like that in a fast-paced interview, too; he, too, has the virtue of thinking before he speaks.  Talk-show interviews are no less formulaic than ballet or Noh, but so many guests have been so well-groomed that you don't notice until a normal person is a guest.  

Today I shuttled back and forth from the testing facility to make sure Jodi was well-supplied with whatever she needed (Mountain Dew, lunch from Chik-fil-A, an iced tall Americano one-shot-classic with room, and a bottle of water).  I walked across campus to drop off a Unite for Diabetes travel bug in a geocache and got some johnson-grass-like scratches for my trouble, along with some needed exercise.  I wished a few times I'd had my camera with me, but the cookbooks I was carrying (to transcribe selected recipes -- which I basically didn't get around to), and which I'll need to return and then check out again, were heavy enough.

Great exchange on yesterday's Jeopardy!:

ALEX TREBEK [to a contestant who works as an auditorium manager]: It says here that your stagecraft students have a special name for you.  What is it?

NATHAN CRANE: Uh, they nicknamed me "Jesus".  [pause]  I have long hair and carpentry skills.

[audience laughs; cut to Alex shielding his face with his hand while he laughs; audience continues laughing as each member of the audience, in turn, gets the joke]

ALEX TREBEK: [pause] ...let's go on.
Now it's time to fold a bit of laundry and go to bed...

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