Mar. 11th, 2007

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I gave blood today at the Methodist church. Apparently their 'method' involves walking right past the bloodmobile and into a building to sing songs about how nice it would be if people would occasionally do something that helps others. I wasn't there when the bloodmobile opened for donations, and I took my time afterward, and yet nobody else had donated before me and nobody else had come in by the time I left.

As I drove away, I asked a couple of Methodists walking from the parking lot toward the church if they'd please spread the word that I'd been the only donor so far, and after all, it's Lent. They looked at me kinda funny at that point; perhaps they surmised I wasn't one of them. Which makes me think that I should round up a bunch of agnostic and atheist people to get together and bum rush the bloodmobile at a yuppie church. I'd like to think that the clergy would take it as a challenge when they found out that godless heathens were saving more lives than their own flock...

And just to be clear, I'm a universalist (and, now that I've been exposed to the term, an apocatastasist) Christian, but I'm dismayed; my optimistic side hopes that everyone in that church gave blood on Good Friday and just isn't eligible to donate again.  My pragmatic side figures that it's time for some good old-fashioned shame to get churchies to open their hearts and veins.

Oh, and I've just requested In the Hands of a Happy God: The "No-Hellers" of Central Appalachia from iBorrow.  Sounded interesting.

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