Aug. 26th, 2007

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Birthday memories:

Went to lunch at Feast with Jodi, Dad's girlfriend Fran, and her daughter Leslie. After lunch, shared a sampler platter of desserts (bread pudding with white chocolate drizzle, tart red cherry pie, creme brulee, and chocolate peanut butter pie) with everyone. Obviously Jodi stayed away from the peanut butter pie, but otherwise everyone shared everything.

Came home, found the postal service had made an early delivery, and had great fun opening stuff.

Went out in search of Guitar Hero II (used), a belated present for Colin, and office supplies for Jodi.
Found most of Jodi's office supplies, found absolutely no bell bottoms that would fit Colin, and eventually ordered Guitar Hero II for $35 ppd. from Amazon, including expedited shipping.

Continued to search for Jodi's office supplies, despite her repeated offers to not bother on my birthday, because I chose to be done with it ASAP. Went for an otherwise entertaining drive ("OK, that's Spring Street, there's West Peachtree, now we're on Spring Street again, look kids, Big Ben, Parliament, oh look, we're on 75/85, damn it, aha, there's the store, now 90 degrees left and 35 degrees up and we're on the roof.")

Came home, went out to fetch dinner (Sushi Avenue for Jodi, a few blocks' walk to Crescent Moon for me), and just at the end of dinner, Chris Case delivered a huge TV as a gift. Jodi says she feels like she's in the game when she plays Super Mario Bros. So far, though, she hasn't been jumping into the ceiling to dislodge pennies.
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Courtesy of [ profile] poppinjaye, via IM:

*makes metal hands and bangs head*

Very expressive delivery. They may not be the first a cappella group to cover Bohemian Rhapsody, but with the visuals, I think they're my new favorite. And I don't even know who they are...

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