Aug. 30th, 2007

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Dear Google Maps: love you, really, but elevation iso-curve things would be fabu. I'm just glad the blood donation center is uphill of the train station.
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I went out to Sandy Springs to give blood and get a prescription filled, then took the 24 home.

I got my new license plate in the mail.

Which reminded me I'd driven to the East Lake station on the way out, since Nicolas wanted a ride also.

Duhhhhhh... now I'm off to hike to the 24 again...
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And now it's raining. You may proceed to laugh.
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I'm getting cold feet about this trip to get the car. Not just from my rain-soaked shoes - Midway is ankle deep - but because that lightning was CLOSE.
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I just interrupted a guy twice to find out about his awesome crutch feet. He totally understood. Thomas Fetterman gear has that effect on people, apparently.
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Anyone have a spare S-video cable? Our new TV that Chris gave us has that input and at least two devices have that output...
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OK, I think we've got all the bugs worked out now.

Please email me at once more. This time it's even more important, since I'm hoping to contact my potential employers very soon and say confidently that my email works now.

As before, if you get any error message, please paste it as a response.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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