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1 bell pepper: $0.40
1 onion: $0.23
1 jalapeño: $0.09
A few cloves of garlic: $0.15?
1 lb black beans: $1.29

Now that's a freaking "value meal".
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Well, I tried to post this on, but I don't seem to be able to create an account, so here it is for posterity:

Cutting because it's extremely wide... )
You're welcome.

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This song's been in my head all day. Now it's in yours -- an enjoyable infection for once!
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  • 11:17 @daveyp you need a twitter-enabled cyberloo! #
  • 11:27 @daveyp just do me a favor and don't ever type your twitter password into the toilet. I don't want to know. #
  • 12:05 @bookofsand Certainly better than by a parsec. #
  • 13:04 @bookofsand Use instead of tinyurl. It's much better anyway! #
  • 13:38 @daveyp the title of the article is still there #
  • 13:46 @daveyp wait, at what point does this say OCLC is going to do an ILS? #
  • 22:08 Lots of smoky haze around Briarcliff x Virginia #atlanta #
  • 22:09 @USFP ...and you acted on every suggestion. OK, I'm impressed! #
  • 22:14 @USFP Got iTunes U? As a Bull (Library&Info Sci MA, '98), I'd love to hear Poly lectures. Searching yr site gets Meh. #
  • 22:28 @USFP Also, PLEASE convince to give email addresses to members. USF is missing a huge loyalty opportunity! #
  • 22:29 @USFP comparison, I'm also a Gator (linguistics, '96) and their alumni ass'n gives free email forwards to ALL alumni, not just members #
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  • 12:56 @recipes is suspended? wth?! #
  • 12:56 oh right, I meant @cookbook :) #
  • 12:57 o/~ Doy, doy, doy, this is the I'm a big idiot song, Doy, doy, doy o/~ #
  • 14:41 @raoin In rats, it ups amino-acid neurotransmitters, according to doi:10.1016/j.phrs.2006.11.010 ( #
  • 15:53 @photojojo for Earth Day, I'm driving 50 miles while commuting to an apartment that lacks recycling service... but hoping to move soon! #
  • 15:59 @acapodcast OK, "Crazy" and "Umbrella" I recognized, but what's the opening song? #
  • 16:00 @acapodcast ah, and Toxic -- of course! still don't know the first song. #
  • 20:05 @Acapodcast Thanks! #
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  • 07:34 it's 1989; crazy guy says, in 20 yr gays will be able to get married. Not in CA, they're not liberal enough, but in IA! #
  • 07:36 And you say, yeah sure, right after we elect a Black president! ...heard on wait wait don't tell me #
  • 09:25 @knobody: for the pork, try rosemary and garlic. And BTW, is there any trick to cold-brewing or is it just a long soak in the fridge? #
  • 10:00 @knobody There's got to be a pretty simple way to hack a 2-quart plastic pitcher to make it a French press. Drill and grommet the top... #
  • 10:03 @knobody btw, why rutabaga? I've never cooked it before, but pork and potatoes cry out for rosemary so loud I can't not hear it. #
  • 10:16 @jonathancoulton Yes, by tweeting you accept a EULA that assigns your copyrights to the RIAA. Sorry, man, I thought you knew... #
  • 10:49 @knobody Aw, cheesecloth takes all the fun out of it. But a great answer -- thanks! #
  • 11:05 @atruckertravels why, what did Beyoncéo? #
  • 11:17 @atruckertravels Well, if you just murder ONE, the rest of the pack will keep coming, so... #
  • 11:47 @hmrpotter I can't find that clip on the Today Show site, got a link? #
  • 11:48 @hmrpotter I'm with you on the brokeitude. Mama wants a Roomba! ;) #
  • 16:50 @HolySpiritAbbey You should include a link to your Facebook page: #
  • 19:02 Chinese ID card readers can only handle 32252 chars? Add a bit and get 65020 -- enough for all ~55000 characters! (NYT 2009-04-21 p. A1) #
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Thanks to [ profile] loucheroo (via [ profile] knobody) for inspiring me!

  • 100 grams ground coffee (I set my mill for 18 cups)
  • 2-quart pitcher
  • Water
  • Milk and sugar to taste
Put ground coffee in pitcher. Fill with water.  Refrigerate for 4-12 hours.  Pour through a filter (drip filter is 100% fine; cheesecloth will also work).  Add milk and sugar to taste.  Jodi prefers about 1/3 cup white sugar in this much coffee, plus enough milk to make up the lost volume of the soaked grounds (maybe 2 cups).

Makes 2 quarts.

From the kitchen of Jon Vallee.

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  • 18:29 My bro Matt Ostrowsky is walking to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Can you spare $5? (RT plz) #
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  • 09:25 @atruckertravels It's like a bank account; you can transfer money to/from it. #
  • 10:22 @esilibrary what up? #
  • 13:02 @ginamls @akearns It's a pink lily. #
  • 13:04 @ginamls @akearns I suspect it's a Stargazer lily (, also available as a Yankee Candle scent. :) #
  • 16:13 @photojojo got any pocket camera mounts that adhere to the top of a dashboard? #
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[Poll #1385316]

Just one of the many things I wonder about while I'm similarly engaged...
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  • 09:42 - @kgs did you see my half gallon milk holder? Got it in Pittsburgh. #
  • 09:49 @sugarsnit Have courage! I'm rooting for you! #
  • 09:51 @kgs it's a Handi-Holder, only this one is from Schneider's Dairy in Pittsburgh. Can't believe these things are $20 online! Sheesh! #
  • 10:33 My NPR name is Bena San Gimignano. I like it! #
  • 11:52 RT @momentai If you are already paranoid, it is a terrible idea to look for info that will probably make you more paranoid. #
  • 13:47 @dchud I disagree; I just listened to "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" and enjoyed it. #
  • 14:11 @jinx sisko #
  • 14:20 @daveyp Makes me wonder whether Willie Cock is buried near Fanny Clam! Any word on whether Miss Clam is interred in a local churchyard? #
  • 14:39 @daveyp It may be down there somewhere, but Google Maps doesn't have imagery at that zoom level. Google Images does. ;) #
  • 14:41 @ettyoop Paychecks and altruism. #
  • 14:58 @daveyp hmm, if he'd been from Yorkshire I'd have guessed Ah Cum was just asking the reason the census-taker wanted his name. #
  • 14:59 @daveyp "Pants" doesn't sound tittersome to me, and "guff" makes no sense at all... please forgive me, I'm an American, you see... #
  • 15:09 @daveyp I don't like Benny Hill. Red Dwarf, sure. #
  • 15:13 @andromeda0604 Hufflerin sounds like the Muggle version of an Attention Charm. #
  • 15:29 @daveyp That sounds familiar. I'll have to see if I can find copies. #
  • 18:23 @ximinez The one who does the best he can? Yaaaay! You're _that_ dad! #
  • 19:57 i live that close to a private golf club? who knew! #
  • 20:40 @EttyOop Was the drawing any good? #
  • 21:08 @EttyOop LOL, love it. #
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  • 14:17 @JINX 4 #
  • 14:49 @sabram I'll start spreading the news. #
  • 15:28 @SugarSnit "Teabagging" can mean either protesting the distribution of tax burden (as in 'Boston tea party')... #
  • 15:29 @sugarsnit ... or teabagging can mean "counting coup by squatting over someone's head, resting the scrotum on their forehead". #
  • 15:30 @sugarsnit I didn't want to presume. :) #
  • 15:35 @sugarsnit it's planned for tax day for that significance, but it seems to be about conservatives losing control of tax distribution. #
  • 15:39 Obama grabs Urkel by the ear: #
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  • 10:09 @wolven I'm not sure it's that simple. Google Translate says "הוא יהא" for he shall, "היא תהיה" for she shall, "אנחנו צריכים" for we shall. #
  • 11:46 - I feel guilty killing kubuntu but for my needs i think windows is #
  • 16:44 hey #atlanta peeps, needs some love and attention. I only know a few neighborhoods! #
  • 23:44 @stripesthetiger @ximinez I tried WinXP VM on Kubuntu but had performance probs & DHCP bizarreness, plus I support Windows users. #
  • 00:35 @bookofsand I look forward to hearing all about Chersi Tarragon, you poor doomed brave heroic comrade! #
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  • 08:13 @magnoliafly hooray! #
  • 08:49 @hmrpotter I swear by Rooster Booster Lite, available at QuikTrip fountains. I prefer Adderall XR/Dexedrine ER when I can get a Rx, but... #
  • 09:15 Dear : (2) omit "Twitter" (3) it's just a phone; "mobile" means "I'm old" (9) why's it (misspelled) in your img? #
  • 14:28 dear #atlanta drivers A DEAD LIGHT IS A FOUR WAY STOP kthxdie #
  • 18:09 Forced to leave his home before sundown, leaving behind the dough he didn't have time to bake... Yes, God, but aren't You a few days late? #
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In In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, Michael Pollan urges us to "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." One of the points he makes is that since every plant has evolved its own chemical defenses (including antioxidants), the more species you eat, the better-protected you can be against various kinds of free radicals.

Just to give y'all an idea of how many non-animal species one can eat in a single day:
  1. Button mushrooms (in an omelet)
  2. Black plum (snack)
  3. Red Anjou pear (snack)
  4. Potato (in a potato-based "nachos")
  5. Black beans (nachos)
  6. Jalapeño peppers (nachos)
  7. Wheat (tortilla in a wrap)
  8. Portobello mushrooms (wrap)
  9. Iceberg lettuce (wrap)
  10. Tomato (wrap)
  11. Red onion (wrap)
  12. Broccoli (side of veggies)
  13. Zucchini (veggies)
  14. Yellow squash (veggies)
  15. Cauliflower (veggies)
  16. Carrot (veggies)
  17. Cucumber (pickle spear)
  18. Lime (with water)
  19. Lemon (with water)
  20. Pineapple (core, after I chopped up the rest of it)
Undoubtedly there were herbal infinitesimals and some sort of soybean or rapeseed oil in the vinaigrette, but these were all in quantities large enough for the average person to identify.

Probably I don't do nearly as well most days, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how many poor defenseless plants I'm murdering.  (And big ups to the anonymous cows and chickens whose milk and eggs, respectively, were involved.)

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  • 09:14 @Wolven Technically, that's Boingo. And also one of my very favorite songs in the world. I'm gonna go listen to it right now. Thanks! :) #
  • 10:45 @bookofsand You'll be moderately amused by this: #
  • 10:57 @bookofsand First I'll take Viagra... then I'll take Motrin. #
  • 11:30 @momentai #
  • 11:32 @daveyp That sounds funnier than it actually is. Flour-air explosion, d'ye think? #
  • 11:50 Can't get TweetDeck to install on Kubuntu intrepid. I think AIR installed, but double-clicking the .air file does nothing. Sigh. #
  • 12:01 @daveyp My goodness! Even without beer or crust included, that's very nutritious! #
  • 12:17 @bookofsand -boarding compounds I want to hear about: pre- skate- surf- snow-. Those I don't: on- water- #
  • 12:18 onboarding, what a ridiculous term. invented to sell a management book, no doubt. #
  • 13:00 @stripesthetiger As far as I can tell, it means "recruitment and orientation". #
  • 15:41 @stripesthetiger I figure they think of it more like we'd think of staging a server: taking it out of the box, setting it up properly. #
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  • 11:43 @hobbes_da_tiger good luck! we're all counting on you! #
  • 12:04 @steviem In my opinion, yes, as long as the bystanders had no idea what was going on. #
  • 12:38 Welcome Ben Ostrowsky to Equinox Software! « Equinox Blog #
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  • 13:19 Listening to an amazing cover of "I Will". @coverville #
  • 13:38 @recycler1973 Don't call in dead, call in "So what are you gonna do about it -- advise me to move to Delaware or something?". #
  • 13:47 Has delete disappeared from the Twitter API also, or is this jsut an interface bug? #
  • 13:47 OK, @andromeda0604, I am also one of your bitches. :) #
  • 14:27 A great guerrilla dance performance in Centraal Station Antwerpen will brighten your mood in 4 minutes: #
  • 21:33 RT @OCLC: The WorldCat Mobile pilot app is now available in the iPhone App store. Free download to find 1.3 billion+ items in libraries. #
  • 21:39 @souplantation When life hands you poop, make Poopsicles. (My wife suggested that one.) #
  • 21:46 @souplantation When life hands you a thunderstorm, make light of it -- as did Franklin and Edison! #
  • 21:47 @souplantation When life hands you relatives for the holidays, make plans with the caterers at Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation! #
  • 22:07 @souplantation When life hands you tribulations, make tribade! #
  • 22:09 @souplantation When life gives you barm, make the barmaid! (And, yes, 'barm' is a real word meaning beer foam.) #
  • 22:11 @souplantation When life hands you a nuclear missile, make sure it doesn't get mislaid! #
  • 22:12 @recycler1973 I'd love it -- thanks! #

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